Do you have a favorite motion designer?
  • I was asked this during an interview once and it threw me off guard.  I think as designers, we look at what the big studios do and don't know much about the people behind the scenes, we just know them as an entity called Psyop, Troika, or Superfad.  Do we normally think of individual mographers that work on these big productions for post houses or just studios? When I posted this question on Twitter, 2 great responses were Gkaster (now BrightPhoton) & Gmunk.  I'd have to say Tim Clapham has to be one of my favorites.  Not only is he a genius as a designer/animator, he's a genius when it comes to the software too.  He's constantly pushing the boundaries of C4D when most of us are trying to just grasp some of the fundamental concepts of the software.  I think it's rare though that you have such great talent as the three mentioned on here.  Most of the time you have a more production house team of people where many artists are working on specific elements of the scene.

    What say you?
  • I too am a fan of Tim's. But I certainly have to say that Kyle Cooper is one of my favorites. He's been a master of the title sequence for a while, and had me hooked from the first time I saw the opening sequence to Se7en. he just has this knack for nailing the overall feel of a project, and uses vivid imagery to accentuate it. 

    Aside from being a great designer, he's also founded/co-founded two of my favorite houses, respectively. Imaginary Forces and Prologue. 

    Curious as to how others weigh in here. Great topic EJ!
  • Nando Costa also has an amazing body of brilliant work.
    Kyle Cooper is another level to all I think, golden touch.
  • Bit of a push to call him a motion designer as I think a lot of it is him directing but still, Edouard Salier is great

  • While Gkaster is my favorite 3D motion designer, Jr.Canest is my favorite 2D animator. And yes, I agree with you, @jamesdohertyesq. Edouard Salier's direction on the Smirnoff Bloodline ad and Massive Attack music videos is nothing short of stellar. 
  • I am not really sure , like you said I watch a lot of stuff but rarely do names stick to me . The Animation workshop have some great videos on vimeo . I like their style . Motion Graphics wise Kyle Cooper was an early inspiration for me and I also love Rob Chiu's work .
    When I Read this post I jumped onto vimeo to see what I like and if there is a lot of stuff for one person . This guy popped out a lot : Onur Senturk 
    I like Robert leger's work and I like Dave Davison's (I think that's his name) work a lot , spcially his high tech nature series . I love it .. Big fan
    If we are talking studios I don't love MK12's (The only one I like is the Bond one) but I love the stuff view does . Also I like the work of Caustik ( a lebanese studio)
  • the.ronin. a.k.a. Rob Chiu has to be one my big influences. They're so many out there though.
  • Good Discussion. I'm not sure if he's my favorite but I feel that Saul Bass needs to be mentioned. He's hit or miss for me but he was definitely a pioneer in the industry and I gotta give him my respect. He's got some really cool stuff. Modern Designers? Just to add a couple to the afore mentioned... after seeing Mike Senften's presentation at NAB I really like his artistic approach to the whole process. I also like Mike WInkelmann's stuff.
  • Jr. Canest is great, I'm always amazed by his stuff, I think he most recently did some animation for Google that had an awesome color pallette and super silky smooth animation.

    Dave Davidson is a very talented guy, but he's more 3D, he really doesn't do animation at all, but he inspires my from a 3D standpoint, and he's very knowledgable and approachable.
  • Besides all of you guys!!  Some of my favorites:

    Phil Borst

    Kristof Luyckx

    Cody Smith
  • Danny Yount from Prologue with one of my favorite reels of all time

  • YES! to Danny Yount - the credits he did for Iron Man have to rate as genius. Also agree with Mike Senften, his animation style is so recognisable and I love that he doesn't rely on knocking out the same old stuff. It must be great to be able to pick and choose projects like that! Someone who really inspires me (not sure how much animation he does though) is Nate Howe, he just does the most incredible storyboards and there's always a tangible conceptual thread running through all his work. Finally Paul Clements inspires me too, he's done a lot of great work but tends to keep a low profile.
  • I really like the work and style of Kelly Meador and Daniel Elwing.
    It's cool that they also make songs and use them on their animations. This adds another level of personal touch and artistic control over their work which is a great thing!
  • I'm really impressed with the work Jake Sargeant's doing ... I've been following his work from the HP spots I saw a few years back. His work constantly evolves but every time he puts out something new it trumps his previous work.
  • not sure who this guy is, but I think this piece he made blew a lot of peoples minds when he first uploaded it. After I saw this video I noticed a trend towards this type of minimalistic primitive raw emotion motion. (emo motion?) Do you know of any motion people who might have inspired on Takuya Hosogane in making this piece.

    Was anyone making motion like this before this was posted? In the comments people are saying this is 100% creativity. But now 2 years later it looks like old hat because scores of motion peeps took his vision and hit the ground running.


  • It's funny.. when I first saw that video, I thought it felt like a rip off of JR Canest's work. His stuff always has this "snappy" feel to it. But I agree, the minimalistic feel certainly has taken off in recent times. 
  • Ah, ok. I wassnt familiar with Jr Canest when I first watched this. Wow a rip off, you think? Yeah I see what you are saying though, the motion certainly has a Jr Canest feel to it.
  • I've never seen that video but I like elements of it. I like it in a "oh, Art" way, but as with a load of pieces in this style (particularly the white-room-black-shiny-sphere types) I do wonder how useful it is in terms of design. I'm going to go check out some JR Canest stuff now, thanks!
  • I feel like abstract pieces like these are just means to explore motion and pacing without being obstructed by content. All the shapes and colors might not directly apply to whatever add campaign you are working on, but I think you can draw some inspiration from the motion.
  • Of course aside from the fact that the video is just a joy to watch. Just like its a joy to dance to a good song, or drink a good beer.
  • Danny Yount FTW. Masters many styles, always pushing the art higher.

  • Hello all, I've just found this place!

    Good topic, EJ - I'd have to agree with most of the people and companies that have been mentioned already. There's so much talent out there!

    Joshua Davis is a favourite designer of mine. I love his computer generated art.

  • Noticing a lot of people just posting the obvious big designers that have been in the industry from the many other great designers hiding in the cracks..

    Here is a designer I've come across lately whose work I'm dying over:

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