Facebook page?
  • Outside of auto-posting links to blog entries, would anyone out there get any benefit out of an official Motion League Facebook page? Just curious if anyone would like to see that.
  • I'm a Facebook hater but I could see how some people could get a use out of it.  Facebook is so spammy anymore with companies hawking their crap at you all the time.
  • @eyedesyn That's pretty much how I feel. (Though I'm not a hater. I just use it for personal contacts.)

    This is something I don't think we'd want to do unless other members want it.
  • @eyedesyn Agreed, it's become the open air market of unsolicited ads. 

    I think sticking with the local forums and Twitter announcements is the way to go. Then again, I'm pretty biased against Facebook. (Useless features, too much bloat.)
  • Facebook (thumbs down), IMHO
  • "would anyone out there get any benefit"? Not so much. But it would boost your exposure.
  • Amras said: @eyedesyn Agreed, it's become the open air market of unsolicited ads. 

    You summed up Facebook perfectly!
  • While @ninetwotwo states (correctly) that it would boost exposure... I can't see any real merit for the site. Most of the motion community exists throughout other networks that many of us are already tapped into. Unless it's really something that members would like, I don't see much benefit. I should also note, I am of the same mind when it comes to Facebook. I use it for personal contacts and nothing else.
  • I never check facebook and I'd prefer twitter over it anytime that's why I would suggest we put the effort into twitter or maybe just the blog

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