[Guidelines] Welcome To The Motion League: Unite Forums!
  • Welcome to the Unite forums. Just a quick run-down of how things work and some guidelines.

    We built this forum to be a place for motion designers to share ideas, get feedback on works-in-progress or works-past, get help with technical or creative hurdles, and talk shop in a friendly atmosphere. In order to keep things tidy around here, we ask that you do the following:

    • Be respectful of other members.
    • Avoid "thread jacking" by keeping discussion threads on-topic and about the original author's post.
    • Post to a new thread for seeking feedback, unless the original author outlines otherwise in their post. (Eg, if you are looking for feedback on your reel, post to a new discussion instead of adding on to another thread discussing someone else's reel.
    • Post in the appropriate categories.

    There are more details in our Code of Conduct.

    We look forward to having you on the forums.

    Welcome to The Motion League: Unite!

  • If you have any questions about the forums or site in general, feel free to contact the following people: @conigs @dan_hin @eyedesyn @MDSienzant @odd_enough @rostenbach

  • Looks like a great site. Any chance of an RSS feed of the content? Maybe I just missed the link.

    Digital Spatula
  • There are feeds, but they aren't explicitly linked to on the pages. We'll get a link going in the footer or sidebar.

    There is a link for the entire forum here, or if you click on the Categories header in the sidebar, you can get access to individual feeds for each category.
  • Congrats on going public :D

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