Hello to all the new members!
  • If you just signed up, drop a line in this thread to say hello!
  • whatupppp
  • Welcome guys!
  • And as stated elsewhere folks, make sure to give us you feedback, and let us know what we can to to improve the site for you! Welcome & Enjoy!
  • Hey guys. The site is perfect. 
  • Enchantée fellow Motion Designers.  Looking forward to getting involved and scouring the threads.
  • Congrats on the launch. Been lurking for a bit during beta testing, thought I would say Hi...   Hi
  • Digging the League - it's especially neat to see people I've been following on twitter for a bit all gathered in the same place. Thanks for all the work "pitching the tent" to get this place up and running ;)
  • It's been a fun ride. It sure is awesome to see people embracing the idea and coming together. Here's to making the animation community a better place.

    Welcome all! :)

  • Hey Everyone, nice site so far keep up the good work! 
  • Hey everyone! Been excited about The League for a while, stoked to see it open now. :)
  • zuup guys, just found out bout this one, great!

  • riciogarcia said: zuup guys, just found out bout this one, great!

    Welcome mate . Tell us a little bit about yourself
  • sure, my name is Mauricio García, everryone calls me Mao, im from Monterrey México, 24 yrs old, majored in communications, and working as an editor and motion graphics designer, for a non profit US organization with offices in Mx, looove to color correct and color grade....and that's a little bout myself, hope to have a great time here, learn and if possible share knowledge with all u guys!

  • @riciogarcia .... aaaah color correction , My favorite part of any project is when I get into after effects and start messing around with colors .. I wouldn't call that Color correction but I guess its close
  • I'm pretty chuffed to have a motion design community to jump into. Weeew!
  • Hello motion peeps... This is a cool idea. Hook me up @BrokenAntler if you tweet.
  • @BrokenAntler Welcome! Took a look at your reel. Nice body of work there. Do you know some of our other UK based members @dazpix & @dan_hin?
  • @conigs @brokenantler does knowing each other via the medium of twitter count? One of these days I'm going to have to go to See No Evil...
  • @dan_hin If you do, let me know!

    Went by myself once, was too weird, dragged along an illustrator friend the next time and thankfully half of it was talking about illustration so wasn't too much of a chore for her.

    Despite working in agencies with a fair few other motion graphic designers nobody seemed interested other than me..
  • Wierd!! The first time I heard of it, I thought that it was the be all and end all of all motion-related things. I'm still desperate to go, might have to get all Nathan Barley-ed up beforehand though..
  • hi all, glad to be another UK member, you can check me out at http://www.creativebloke.com, i do a little of everything, but at the moment deep in mograph
  • Welcome @creativebloke! Nothing wrong with doing a little bit of everything. A lot of the knowledge carries over from one craft to another.
  • Hello CB! Good to have you aboard.

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