What's your flavor of design?
  • Over the last several years, “motion design” has become an umbrella for everything from traditional 2D design to 3D character animation. So I was wondering, what type of design do you typically do? Here's a few options, but feel free to add your own if you don't see it here:

    • 2D Motion Design
    • 3D Motion Design
    • 2D Character Animation
    • 3D Character Animation
    • Visual FX
    • Title Sequence
  • Ye, the 'Mograph' label is very broad, and to be honest I use a very broad range of techniques depending on the project, or what I'm into and want to try at the time. I tend to combine a lot of live action elements with 3d, and 2d vfx, but of course alot of the time I'm just using after effects for whatever little thing needs doing quickly. Stopframe is something I would like to do more of, but it's so damn time consuming.

    I have a side project just started 2 weeks ago and already on the backburner. The music is already composed for it and I want to make a 1minute piece with 5 or 6 different techniques all with a central theme and smooth transitions from one style of animation to another.
  • I think I'd like to get into 2D character animation because it looks like so much fun! Likewise we have a couple of potentially good-sized vfx jobs coming up; but it's certainly not something we do on a regular basis. 

    Most of the time I work on 2D and 3D motion design; and sometimes just the motion. Occasionally I'm let loose on a title sequence!
  • Most of the time, I meld both 2D and 3D motion design. One of my favorite things to do, however, are title sequences. I've always had a huge interest in film, so that caters to it. 

    One thing I'm self-admittedly not great as character animation. The basic stuff I can get down, but I can never quite nail the subtle nuances that make characters believable.
  • As of right now, my job is worming it's way more toward 3D modeling, rigging, sculpting, retop, etc. for game asset creation while still keeping me on video and 3D animation. I have one insane workload right now reaching into various aspects of 3D and video. It's almost overwhelming. Erm.. so, I guess I'd be lumped into the 3D generalist category? 
  • I work on a TV Station so a lot of my work focuses on opening sequences , 20 sec or so stuff that tell a story of some sort . I started on Photoshop , then AE and now comfortable the most with C4D . I mainly do stuff inside 3D and use AE for compositing . I know a lot about after effects , a lot of its shortcuts and I watch a lot of tutorials but can't really visualize stuff inside it , don't know why . I recently got a task to do something on after effects and spent a few days in AE doing it but the final product was horrible , so I jumped inside 3D and within two or three hours I almost came half way through the sequence so I'm really happy "3D"ing ... It might be bad practice .
    I like abstract stuff , minimal abstract stuff .I wish to do that sometime . This is my aspiration "Warm Signal"

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