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  • I'm a Motion Graphics Designer in London. 

    I have just resigned from my job and am moving to Eyeframe, in the hope of more creative work. 

    DVD/Blu-ray work is the day to day but I'm looking to diversify. Not because I don't like it, just that budgets/timeframes are generally low and I've found there's not time/call for creativity. Hopefully the job change will help.

    I'm a fan of c4d and plan on getting much more into it. I also plan on becoming much more involved in discussion as I'm more of a lurker despite maybe being fairly opinionated! I like the site alot, hope it can keep up momentum and become a great place to learn new stuff and talk things through.

    Will have my reel and site sorted in the next few weeks so anybody who wants to can put a name to a face to a reel.. or whatever!

    Oh and I'd be interested in writing a feature or some tips too.. Especially on the subject of motivation/productivity and how it's needed to succeed in this game. Have spewed a bit of my thoughts out on that subject here: http://www.fuelyourmotionography.com/is-everything-looking-the-same/
  • James, welcome! That FYM article touches on some of the points in our Beyond the Tutorial article. Your comment on that article were spot on.

    Our ultimate goal for the site is to have user contributed articles & tips, so feel free to gather thoughts and pitch ideas in the Article Ideas category. 

    See you around!
  • Hello James!

    Great to have you contributing to our site and I wish you luck in your new job!

    Honestly, that article is some of the very inertia that got the ball rolling to even start up this blog, here we want to teach and touch on the basics and techniques and not results.  It's exactly like the give a guy a fish, he eats for a day, teach the guy to fish, he can eat for life.  Most people when they go over tutorials see how cool the end result is with something on GreyscaleGorilla or Video Co-Pilot but they gloss over the wealth of technical information.  I'm more exciting about learning about the little tips and tricks that I can use in my every day workflow and not so much how to recreate something seen on Discovery Channel exactly.
  • I think there is some benefit in them when you are very new to a piece of software, in a complex piece of software it can be difficult to find everything you need to complete a project.. 
    Those sort of tutorials get you from start to finish on something, and that is valuable, especially if you keep hitting walls when trying to do it by yourself. Having said that I mean literally as an initial walkthrough of how the software could be used, not as an example of how you should do your reel/real work.

    Anyway I'm probably doubling up topics, will read the rest of the forum when I get a chance..

    Cheers for the welcome!
  • Very interesting article.

    I definitely agree that in recent years much of the content you see out there is all looking more and more alike. I believe it is due to the fact that as technology advances and gets cheaper and cheaper more and more people have the ability to use it and learn. Take the broadcast industry for example, back in the day to do a page peel effect it took thousands of dollars in software and equipment. Now any shmoe with windows movie maker can fire it out in two seconds.

    Most creative industries go through this stage at some point in time. Photography went through it with the advancements in digital cameras and now motion design/animation is going through it now. Only time will tell what will happen but I feel optimistic about the future of our industry. There becomes a point where technical ability/skill can only get you so far and concept raines supreme. There will always be biters out their trying to pass of tutorial work as their own. It is up to us as artists to mature and focus more on the "why" as opposed to the "how".

    FYI- There are a few typos and gramatical errors in the article you will probably want to address. 
  • Hi James - good luck at eyeframe! If I had the option I'd be in London too, compared to oop North it's The Land of Milk and Honey when it comes to motion jobs. That aside - I look forward to seeing your posts here; I'd be interested to see your reel if you have one.
  • Cheers Dan, I'm getting my reel and site together at the moment, will post a link here when I'm done for feedback. To be honest I'm not at all happy with my reel but that's motivation to try harder I guess, only been at this for 18 months so I guess it's going reasonably well..
  • Also, do you reckon that the BBC moving a fair bit of their stuff up to Manchester might bring more companies/work up north? Bound to have some sort of effect..
  • Sounds like it might do, although London is still the mecca for all things motion. If you're looking for work in Manchester, have you tried Sparklemedia?
  • I'm not really looking for work but I checked them out, some nice stuff alright..

    Only moved to london 18 months ago from Ireland so reckon I'll stay around here for a bit before I'd consider a move, although I am from Manchester originally..
  • Hi everyone,

    I'm John, a freelancer based in Leicester in the Midlands. I'm at the start of my career, at the moment I'm doing a lot of editing, but I hope to be doing more and more of the motion graphics. I'm using AE and C4D primarily. Asides from the pre rendered motion graphics I also play around with live visuals, reactive stuff, realtime 3D and such which I perform in clubs.

    Great idea wit the site folks!
  • Glad you could join us , Would be interesting to see some of your work.
  • Hello gentlemen,

    Thank you for inviting me to your forum. My name is Erwin Santacruz and I am a motion designer working in broadcast out of Miami, Florida. Looking forward to learn from everyone and hopefully be able to contribute something in return.

    Still working on the reel but you can find some of my work at http://www.990adjustments.com/ 

    Thanks again for having me on board!
    Site looks great so far!

  • Hi.  Thanks for the invite. I'm Ethan Simmons (@2andahalfd on twitter).  Editor and Motion Designer.  Always looking to learn more. Right now I'm in the Kansas City but we're hoping to move out East sometime soon. Here's a link to my website.  

  • Hey Ethan. Glad to see you made it here! And yes, could always use more east coasters. :)
  • Boo East Coast! Go Midwest! (We should have an East Coast vs West Coast vs Third Coast animation throwdown some day.)

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