• Back when I still played games I remember not being very interested in the playstation one's crappy 3d look, it all felt kinda boring. Then I got Jet Set Radio (Jet Grind Radio in the U.S.) with it's cel-shading style which I totally loved.. Not to mention the great soundtrack and over-stylized everything! 

    Was wondering has anybody done stuff in that sort of style? I haven't really played around with Sketch and Toon but do intend to some day.. It doesn't seem very intuitive but if a Dreamcast could do it in real-time I'm sure it'll be possible!

    Anybody worked on anything in that style?

    Cel shading off and on.

  • From what I remember, that game was called Jet Set Radio in the US as well (never heard it been called anything else). I do love the cell shaded look, though I personally haven't done any work with it. 
  • I did animations for the menu of the Waddington Airshow 2010 DVD in Sketch and Toon. It's actually really easy to set up and change. My only gotcha would be to make sure your modelling is neat and tidy, keep the nGons to a minimum.

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