Align axis point
  • Is there anyway to align the axis of a sweep nurbs (or any other object for that matter) to a spline ... I want the axis point to always be on a spline is there a way ? Keep in mind I'll use it in Xpresso so it must be editable and configurable
  • I don't have C4D in front of me, but there should be an Align to Spline tag available in the Tags menu.
  • conigs said: I don't have C4D in front of me, but there should be an Align to Spline tag available in the Tags menu.

    Yeah it works on nulls and even points of a spline ... But I want to align the axis point .. so far I can't seem to get this to happen
  • Well there are a set align axis tools. It's under the Structure -> Axis Center menu. I dragged that submenu into my layout, as I use those tools daily. 
  • I want this to align to a spline so that I can move it around on a spline ... I seem to have created a workaround for the particular case I needed this for but I'm still curious ! There should be a way ,
  • So you want a sweep nurb to follow a spline?

    Can you describe a bit more what exactly you're trying to do?  I'm having a hard time figuring out why you'd need to use a sweep nurb if you're using another spline also.  Makes me wonder if you'd be better served using a Spline wrap?
  • I have created a spline mask out of two splines (these splines are linked in Xpresso so t hat one can throw a spline in the user data and the whole scene will still look perfectly .
    The first spline "spline a" is the shape of the window
    the second spline "spline b" is the shape of the frame and its basically a rectangle spline conformed to "spline a" so that its axis is always on the edge of that .
    the sweep Nurbs is used to create a frame of the window shutter and I need its center to stay aligned to "spline a" so that it always rotates around the spline .
    Hope that clarifiest he problem . this needs to be done for the room generator but but I found a work around
  • hmm....maybe use a rectangle and spline masks instead?

    or maybe have a target object null that is in the center of the room and place a target object on the spline so that it's always facing the target object?  hope this helps!

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