Sweep NURBS feather/taper
  • Hey team,

    Wondering if there is an easier way to taper a sweep nurbs path other than using the scale parameter within the Sweep Object. Its getting pretty messy.

  • Messy in what way? I find that I can accomplish most of what I need with the sweep object just by manipulating the scale curve under the details dropdown.
  • My Scale curve editor is getting a little cluttered. I'm refining it now. Using that whole "Practice makes Perfect" mentality. Maybe after the 8th time I'll get it.

  • Oh, I see. Yeah, I'm not sure if there is any easier way around that. 
  • If you really want the most control you could draw a bunch of splines and use a loft nurb, but perfecting that may take as long as what you're doing anyways, but good luck!

    There shuold be a way to zoom into the scale curve editor like you can in the timeline window....
  • Nice, Thanks guys. I'll shoot you the final once it airs

  • If things get too messy, use a spline wrap in a poly object.That way you get exactly the object you need, with more scale controls.

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