Contolling the Mosiac Effect with a Greyscale Luminance Map?
  • Hey guys,

    I'd like to thank my buddy Paul for inviting me here. I'm pretty pumped that there's a new motion graphics fourm starting up.

    Anyways, here's my question: I want to create a pixelated depth of field effect. So rather than having a nice smooth bokeh, I want the DOF/pixels to get larger as the elements get more out of focus... I thought the easy way to do that would be to paint a greyscale depth map of the scene (or render one if I was doing this in 3D) and apply that to the mosaic effect, but it's not that simple since the Mosiaic effect's size can't be controlled by a depth map...

    I messed around with using Particular and Form to achieve something similar, but the problem there is that the particles start to overlap each other, and I really want them to always butt up next to each other, and not overlap.

    That's a link to my first stab at this. I can swear that I saw a pixel bender plugin that already did this kind of thing, but I couldn't find it with a bunch of searching... Any ideas on how to accomplish this would be appreciated :)
  • (Just got off a Skype call with kgartner and offered him the following solution. I'm sure he'd still appreciate other options so keep the solutions coming. Here's the scene file I whipped up as an example of how I'd do it).

    Here's a solution that uses a combination of Luma Keys, Mosaics, and expressions to get pretty close to the desired result. Everything is controlled by the CONTROLLER null, with DEPTH doing the bulk of the work. Each footage instance references the layer above it, so if you need more depth, just duplicate the footage layers until you get what you need.


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  • Thats a great solution, beau!  I would have come up with something similar but probably more half-assed than yours!  ;)

    @kgartner That image you posted looks great!  is that made using particular using an image for the color/size?
  • @beau That really is a nice solution... and I really need to brush up on my expressions.

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