What is the "How Are We Doing" category for?
  • If you have a suggestion for how to make things better, comments on what’s not working, ideas for articles or tutorials, or pretty much any comments about what The Motion League is doing, they should go in this forum.

    Especially during this beta period, we would like to get feedback about how things are organized, and more importantly, if something doesn't make any sense. 

    We will probably also be writing up a post on how to use the forums. So let us know if you have nay questions about how anything works.

  • This one is for the UI.

    Up at the top right hand nav, add a login button. When I first arrived, I was told there were no new threads, so my first instinct was to click "home" which took me to a wordpress login. which I don't have. upon further inspection I saw the much smaller "login" to the right and gave it a shot. That turned out to be the one I needed to click.

    Hope this helps!
  • i think once we're out of beta, we should just use OpenID or Twitter to add comments, kind of like how Greyscale has it.   I would really like to have everyone have to sign in so there's no trolling or anything.  No one can hide behind an anonymous avatar.
  • You are able to log in to the forums via twitter... or at least that's how it was at first. Did we change that? 
  • No, actually, I still am using my Twitter to log in.

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