Hey, Super-Duper-Motion-Leaguers!
  • What's up guys? Using my l337 skills I've managed to infiltrate your headquarters to bring down the empire of....no, that's not right... assist with forum beta-testing, I think. 

    I just wanted to say hi to everyone, and thank Jordan for giving me a sneak preview of your forum. That said, anyone mind enlightening me on your goals/vision for Motion League? Also, sweet logo!

  • Hey Rob! Welcome.

    In brief: our goal/vision is to be awesome. If you're looking for something more detailed, we're working on an about page to clarify. But in general we're trying to focus on building community that doesn't feel like a big boys club. Where we can learn from each other, get feedback on our projects & reels, talk about what's going on in the industry… We wanted something that's a bit fresher than Creative Cow, but not quite as intimidating (to some) as mograph.net. 

    We're also working on an accompanying blog to post plenty of original articles, tutorials, tips, and link to great resources, as well as highlight some pretty awesome talent needs to be seen—by people who aren't necessarily working on national campaigns and for big studios. We'll be opening that up to "beta" members in the near future.

    Like I said, we just want to be awesome.

    [Sidenote, I'm moving this to a new "Say Hello" category.]
  • That clarifies it pretty well for me, thanks. Definitely looking forward to what will become of it.
  • Who invited you! Oh wait, I did. ;) 

    I keep forgetting that the invitees can't see the plethora of threads we have behind the scenes, so it must look sparse.

  • odd_enough said:

    I keep forgetting that the invitees can't see the plethora of threads we have behind the scenes, so it must look sparse.

    Ah. I see about 5 threads :P
  • You should see a few more now. I moved a couple discussions/categories out from behind the scenes.
  • Welcome, Rob!
  • Welcome, Rob!  I feel sort of silly welcoming you to a thing you've been more active in than myself :)
  • @Rostenbach - thanks dude.

    @MDSienzant - haha :) and... i can only see *some* of the threads, else I'd be all over the place. j/k
  • I'm In! Yess! Thanks for the Invite guys! Been curious for a while about what you had cooking here. Just wanted to give a shout and state Thanks! Now to Explore a bit.
  • Just curious, what people find intimidating about mograph.net?
  • jasfish said: Just curious, what people find intimidating about mograph.net?

    @jasfish Some people I've spoken to over the years were hesitant to post on mograph.net. They felt criticism they receive was less than constructive.

    I have nothing against mograph.net. We just felt there was room for another, adjacent online community.
  • I don't find it intimidating either, will probably post my first reel (finally!) there whenever I get it done to get demolished :D I think there's a few people there that give really good feedback and, admittedly, some that don't. I like to think that it's worth it for that.

    My only issue with mograph is that it sometimes feels... what's the word... dead. Maybe it's that I'm still a n00b but I'm voraciously devouring knowledge pertinent to what I'm trying to make a career out of. There's a lot of golden nuggets in mograph, albeit hidden in old threads mostly - I'd like a little more, please :)
  • mograph.net is great, but this site will be more organized so you wont need to do so much thread searching.
  • Or at least, that's the plan.
  • For the people just now jumping in...

    Welcome ye influx of motion addicts! I recognize some of you from twitter (considering that is where The Motion League was born). I hope this site can offer you an additional, yet invaluable, animation resource for the future. We encourage community and the possibility to improve each others' craft. 

    We also have other things lined up for The League that I won't mention yet. :)

  • Excited to be apart of this community, looking forward to the future.
  • Great to be here, looking forward to participating in this new and constructive community, well done guys for getting it off the ground @odd_enough @eyedesyn @rostenbach @conigs @MDSienzant It's been interesting following the twitter threads when the idea was conceived.
  • Don't forget @dan_hin :)
  • OOPS!!! sorry Dan total lapse of brain/typing error/excuses....
    Of course not to forget @dan_hin
  • Hi guys!

    I'm in too! Thanks for the inviation @eyedesyn ;). I'm excited about this site too.
    I'm really want to see the response of the mographers out there :)

    I really hope to help with the site and participate on it :)

    See you guys, well done!!! :D
  • Hey guys!
    Thanks for the invite EJ! Yeah browsing around lookn' pretty cool. It's funny alot of the time, we, mographers have to support infographics, title sequences and the occasional full-on animated spot. Not all of it is glam, atleast in my case, but I work fulltime contract based graphics and freelance, supporting a range of AVID and FCP editors w/graphics. Being the only designer on staff most times, it gets lonely in post production. This could be a breathe of fresh air. The Cow is great no doubt and mograph.net the pinnacle of everything cool but what about the grass roots designer, reflecting back on color theory and typography is crucial.

    Collaboration and personal projects are the key to creative sanity but nowhere provides that but maybe... Deviantart. It would truly be nice to be apart of a modesign (Ae/c4d) community that is into creating cool shit for the sake of design art, much like street art.
    Thanks again and look forward to seeing the site in its full stride.
  • Welcome all the newcomers!

    Somewhere along the line once we get this site up and running, what we would like to turn this site into eventually is a community based Tips/Tutorial/Inspiration/Showcase site.  There are so many sources of information scattered about such as mograph.net but I think if we organize everyones knowledge into a nice, sortable/searchable database, we can be a huge resource to designers out there.  Our aim is to have anyone who comes to the site be able to contribute and share their knowledge and workflows in order to really up everyones game one workflow tip/small technique/shortcut at a time.

    What say you!!?!
  • That reminded me of something I was thinking about when we were in the brainstorming stages of the league before we even got set up on a website. It struck me about how helpful and cooperative-minded a lot of us in the 3D/motion industry are. 

    I try to answer questions on twitter to the best of my knowledge whenever I can, and my drive to contribute to and improve the community is pretty strong. It's apparent that the same goes for the other 5 founders of this league. But it doesn't stop there.

    Most, if not all, of the motion designers and CG-oriented people that I've met on twitter and on the job also have a similar mindset. It is safe to assume that many more than that do as well. Something about what we do pushes us to strive for more. To be better at what we do; Not just for ourselves but for our community as a whole.

    I don't know a ton. And I've only been working in the industry for a little over 2 years now. This Motion League will not only allow me to show others what I have learned, but will also allow me learn from the community in turn. 

  • Nailed it, Jordan. I, too, have experienced nothing but good rapport, and support from fellow designers. We will have a lot to give, and learn here, and this is precisely what we were looking for.
  • Hey peeps,

    Just got a chance to check the site out... got an invite from @dan_hin. Liking the layout and look of the site. I'm sucker for clean UI's! :D

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