Apply tags to all objects in layer?
  • Does anyone know if it's possible to apply a tag (in my case a compositing tag) to all the objects in a layer group? I know I can solo the layer than apply that way, but if the objects are nested and their parents are collapsed in the Object Manager, they don't show up in solo.  I really wish there was an option like "
  • Looks like the limits of C4D's layer management/pass management system have been exposed! Sort of, anyway.

    What I'd normally do is group the objects, apply my tag to the null then right-click the tag and choose "copy tag to children". Not particularly elegant but it works.
  • Ah copy tag to children, always forget about those little chestnuts.
  • Hey, where did the rest of my post go? That should've read
    I really wish there was an option like "Copy tag to children," but "Copy tag to siblings in layer group."

    The problem with this particular project is that the objects I want to apply the compositing tag to are already individually nested in another object. And this is an old project which I'm updating. And this project was originally started by someone else. There's just to much working against me in this case, I guess.

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