Work-Life Balance
  • In the recent months, there has been more and more talk about work-life balance. Obviously, proper balance varies between people, jobs, and regions. But I'm curious about what everyone considers proper work-life balance? Is it limiting number of hours worked? Making sure you see family/friends at least a certain amount each week? Turning off the computer in the evening? Vacations?
  • When I work, I work non-stop.

    This is the first time that I've ever allowed myself time off, away from motion graphics since I started this career (3 years-ish) I went travelling, best thing I ever did.

    Feel more passionate about life and work, and want to explore other elements of 3d and animation, rather than just commercial work.. Considering going somewhere super cheap for a few months and just experimenting, and not worrying about clients.

    Other than that I definitely work too much, not enough sleep or social time.. then when I do get free time I just end up going to the pub :/
  • I'm starting to get back into the routine of extra hours here and there at work, telling myself that it's because we're busy but not busy enough to hire extra hands in.. then doing more personal stuff (ie graphics) at home.

    It's a pretty easy habit to get into, and I'd rather work smart than work hard. I have a suspicion that if you're working 60-70 hours a week you're doing something wrong.

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