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  • Hey everyone, 

    It's been a while since I have been on here (formerly Novus4D). Been a fairly productive semester and I figured I would post some of the projects up here. They are all fairly simple projects but as always would love to know what you guys thinks and get some feedback. 


    A project during my Typography class was so research a typeface and create a series of pieces about it. Instead of doing a poster I made this short animation. The goal was to showcase Bodoni's sleek elegant look through high-contrast lighting and slow elegant camera moves. 


    Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey has always been a huge inspiration to me. The visuals are amazing and the way Kubrick combines the past and the future throughout the story is terrific. With this project I wanted to work with select scenes from the film and recreate them combining a medium from the past, hand drawn animation and on from the present/future, computer animation (rotoscoping). 

    Also, to check out some process photos and a more in-depth description of the project click the link HERE.


    Kinetic was created as an experiment in using the Xbox Kinect for motion capture to create a completely keyframeless animation using the human movements as a puppet for the animation. 

    For process photos, video and a more in-depth description of the project please click the link HERE


    Finally, Cycle was created in an attempt to bridge the gap between purely visual eye-candy type work and storytelling. Since, I am new to this concept I wanted to keep everything extremely simple and short in an attempt to tell a story in the simplest means possible, simple geometric forms. 

    As, always I would love to here what you all think. 

  • Great work all around. I love what you did with Kinect. I am always interested in what people can do with that instrument. And it really is an instrument in every sense of the word.

    Again, good stuff. Smooth animations, nice colors. Thumbs up from me. 

  • Thanks for the comment and kind words!

    Kinetic was definitely the most rewarding project I worked on this semester. I pretty much went into it just to see if it were possible and see what results I could get. As the technology continues to develop I feel that it could definitely open up a lot of doors for mograph and animation in general. A lot of headaches but definitely a great experience. 
  • Happy to announce the 2001 project I recently finished has been added to an online exhibition of Stanley Kubrick inspired work! 

  • I really dig on Cycle. It's such a simple idea, but very well executed. I'll have more to say on it in the blog post. ;)

    [Update: Blogpost is now live.]
  • Thanks Conigs I appreciate the blog post and the kind words. Glad you like the recent work! 

    It was nice to try and keep everything as simple as possible with Cycle. When working without any cuts you have to look at everything in a different light to try and keep the flow without getting to borring or slow. Who knows how much of a success Cycle was in that regard but it was definitely a good experience to help get back to the basics. 
  • I was recently asked to give a presentation about some of my work to a local company and I put this together for it. I guess you can say this is my current reel. I will be revisiting it within the next few months in the aim to make it a bit more animation heavy but for now here is what I got. 

    Winter Reel 2012

    Also, just got my website back up and running.

    Check it out and let me know what you think. 

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