Mograph Geek Holiday Wish List
  • It's that time of year where we start making our wish lists. We're curious to know… If you had to make a wish list of mograph related gifts (plugins, software, etc), what would be on it?

    We'll be compiling a list for a blog post next week and will highlight answers from here. Also, if you know of places to get good deals, please share!
  • Some stuff from the top of my head...

    I'd think #1 would be Cinema 4D R13.  But youd have to have your rich uncle buy you that.

    (Make it Look Great) MILG Training Series
    A semester of FXPHD
    GSG City Kit, GSG Light Kit, Texture Kit
    Newton for AfterEffects
    Turbulence FD for C4D
    Cineversity 1 yr Membership
    NitroBlast for C4D
    Syntheyes Tracking Station
    The Foundry's Camera Tracker
    Usual Trapcode Plug-ins if you dont have them already (I want the new Form)
    RE:Vision ReelSmart Motion Blur
    Frischluft Depth of Field
    VideoCoPilot Optical Flares

    And on the hardware side:
    RAM (who couldn't need more RAM?)
    Wacom Inkling, or Wacom Tablet
    Photoshop App for iPad

    Idea Index series
    Animator’s Survival Kit by Richard Williams

  • All right, here are just a few, haha.

    Would love a few/all of the following: 

    Training series/subscriptions

    Newton for AE
    Reel Smart Motion Blur
    GSG Texture Kit
    Pro Presets for Optical Flares
    New Trapcode
    Vintage Film for Looks

    New external HD, or Timecapsule

    Personal Favorite: Vray for C4D

    All I could think of for now, though I'm sure there's more.
  • Sadly this won't be out until after Christmas.  But my geekiest geek dreams would come true with this underneath my Christmas tree. 


    Now.. this might not be directly "mograph" related.  But, imagine for a second that this were sitting at your edit desk. I think there's no denying that it would be the best decorative piece of inspiration ever... which just happens to be Mark Hamill's face inside of Darth Vader's helmet.

    My number two and three choices would be a Caldigit HDPro-24 Raid Solution plus the Caldigit Supershare Hub.  One hefty... and pricey hardware solution for assets and media.

    More realistically, I'd greatly enjoy the new Lines Creator Script that @eyedesyn was so kind to share earlier today.

    I have tons of things I'd love.. but lots of them aren't related to the post.  Like some Voigtlander super-fast prime lenses. 
  • Mine is looking familiar:

     - Cinema4D R13 ~OR~ 3DSMax2011(12?)
     - A RAID
     - HD monitoring
     - Particular 2
     - Form 2 (upgrade!)
     - Another sub to FXPHD
     - An all expenses paid trip to See No Evil in London

    @MDSienzant that is pure insanity.
  • @MDSienzant  That is just plain creepy.  hahaha  You win the "Dork-off"
  • Slightly OT - I have the Lines Creator script and it is much, much less painful compared to using the Beam effect. Very easy to use and does what it says. I would like to see some more features for the price but purely in terms of convenience this does the trick.
  • Here is my completely unreasonable Christmas list, most of which isn't exclusive to mograph:

    - I'm surprised nobody mentioned the Cintiq 24HD!
    - Dual 10-core Xeon server blades (one would be awesome but multiple would make my head explode)
    - Two monitors is feeling a bit cramped, so I could go for another one.. or two.
    - This one isn't really mograph related, as I've been diving into new waters lately, but Autodesk's Beast GI lighting middleware for game engine integration would be nice. ($50-70k pricetag per SKU ><)
    - ZBrush 4 R2
    - Nvidia Quadro 6000
    - And if I really want to be reaching, the same above, with exception of the middleware and server blades, for each of the artists on my team, though I'd throw in a 3D mouse for them, since I already have one :P

  • A new microphone , it's not as important now as it was last month but it would be more than welcome
    I would also be more than happy with a new workstation or one at all , possible a Z800 , but that's not gonna be eady we all know
  • I really need an entirely new pc rig for home as mine is starting to creak and groan under the strain of what Im bringing back from the studio... but realistically Im hoping for a copy of the 'Saul Bass - A Life in Film & Design' book.

    Ive got my eye on the Plexus script and Yanobox plugin too.

    A Kona card and no doubt CS6 will be next up in the New Year wishlist
  • Zickar said: A new microphone , it's not as important now as it was last month but it would be more than welcome
    I would also be more than happy with a new workstation or one at all , possible a Z800 , but that's not gonna be eady we all know

    I'd stay away from the HP builds, they're worse than Macs for upgradeability. If you get the chance, I'd go with Boxx or Armari.. 

  • @dazpix my laptop at home would set fire to my legs if I attempted to work on it... I desperately need some sort of portable workstation.
  • Books books books for me. I basically crave books of all kinds, especially nice design ones.

    An extra monitor and a big powerful mac pro I guess too, but I'm not that pushed on that.. Though since I just quit my job to go freelance I guess pretty soon that might become more than a wish; a necessity..  Only got a macbook pro at the moment at home.. 
  • Lol, my massive family and friends should come together, chip in to get me one fully tricked out MacPro with everything set to 12.
  • Yeah, I'd love if everyone just gave me all of my wishlist, haha.
  • I suppose I should finally add my 2¢ to the list:
    That's what I got off the top of my head.

    *I already have a CrashPlan+ Family account for the next 4 years, but this service is so very worth it.

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