c4d to AE plugin
  • Hi,

    I've updated AE to 5.5 and C4d to 13...
    And now when i create a multipassed render, After doesn't import the AEC file...

    I(ve downloaded the plugin and installed it in plugin folder but nothing happens.
    After can opens my old aec files rendered with c4d12 but with c4d13... NO.

    Anybody can help ?


  • I don't have R13 installed at the moment, but a similar thing happened immediately after R12 was released. A new plugin had to be installed. Make sure you have the plugin installed in Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Plug-ins (for a Mac, not sure where the system level plugin folder is on Windows).

    If you're only concerned about getting multipass renders in, you can import those individually. The AEC file is mostly to streamline the process and include 3D camera and light data.
  • Instead of downloading a plugin have a look in the Cinema 4D folders, there should be a folder called 'Exchange plugins' or something like that.. Think the link on the website hasn't been updated..
  • If you're really stuck and you need to get the camera animation out, just open up the .aec file with a text editor, you can copy and paste the keyframes directly onto the corresponding property in AE.
  • @jamesDohertyEsq is correct, I had the same problem and found the new plugin for CS5 & CS5.5 in the C4D R13/Exchange Plugins folder, just copy that to your AE plugins folder and you are golden.

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