Today I learned
  • @Zickar You just have to make sure your Stage is selected from the camera drop down in the Render Queue before you hit render. I think it defaults to whichever camera is currently active when you add it to the queue.
  • Yeah @zickar thanks to Angie Taylor for that one!
  • Today I learned or actually concluded that Dingbats could be used as vectors :D Lots of free resources
  • @Zickar @mdouglas I'll keep an eye out for a way to reverse the order when displaying a thread, either through a plugin or an update to Vanilla itself. Right now I'm not seeing anything so this might have to be a custom bit of code to allow the option.
  • @conigs - sounds great! Obviously it's not essential, but would be great for easy browsing...
  • @mdouglas I got you covered :)
  • Today I learned that if you do something for enough time and give it enough better you'll get better at it ... I've been very afraid of modelling with cinema 4d but lately I've been finding myself more comfortable , my workflow faster and my models cleaner with quads and low poly counts .

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