Do you/Can you draw?
  • Just wondering, how many of you regularly draw/sketch stuff on paper?

    I am fairly terrible at drawing and feel like i'd like to improve, might get a book or two and practice, or maybe even take classes.. So i basically don't sketch very much at all.

    Just curious as to how many of you 
  • I love to draw, and try to as much as possible. Any more I don't have time to do it for fun, so it's mostly logo sketches and storyboards. I think storyboards are really essential to planning out projects, and getting your shots visualized.

    I'm not the world's best drawer either, but practice, practice, practice.
    I'd highly recommend sketching out project ideas as much as you can. They don't have to be gorgeous, but it helps.
  • Technically, I can't draw in the traditional manner. But it seems that with a little help from vectors, I can draw the gist of what I want and then tweak the control points to my hearts content in Illustrator to get exactly what I want.

    Case in point:

  • I sketch (pen and paper) as much as possible, once you get into the right mindset it's a great way to destress and give your eyes a rest from monitor glare. I'm certainly not any good by any standard but I'm practicing as much as I can. 

    For those of you looking for a good book to set you on the right track, I can heartily recommend "Drawing On The Right Side Of The Brain" - it's a real eye-opener and has made a big difference to my approach.
  • I used to be able to draw ... Got really good at it but I lost it at my late teens ....I don't really practice it anymore atm so I'm not really good at it but I'd like to get back to drawing one day
  • I love to draw and find that I work on traditional illustrations and paintings when I can to relax and get away from the computer, I usually have at least 5 pieces of 'art' going but a lot never get finished as time is so short I only dip in and out. I imagine I will get back to this much more in the future, can't get around the old Ctrl Z though...
    Im sure like may I also carry around a sketch book, to jot down ideas or just to relieve boredom on the tube or whatever. I think drawing freehand is a great way to practice fashioning a style and expressing ideas more freely. Also agree with @Rostenbach great way to quickly form a storyboard idea that can be developed in photoshop or sketchup later.
  • I'm trying to teach myself to draw - I've been using this book and found that it's great at helping me break down how to see things in order to draw them. And then as I type this, I see @dan_hin mentioned the book. So, yes, I concur with him. Very helpful as I try to visualize projects.

    What I find is that when sketching, I can conceive and instantly play with an idea, as opposed to spending time problem solving and getting lost in the details of designing. Helps me stick to concepting and not get distracted by getting further into the process than needed.
  • I think the best thing about traditional art is you can experiment more because you don't need faster computer to draw a masterpiece ... You can do more stuff because if you think about it we waste a lot of our time everyday waiting for stuff to render only to find out its shit .

    On Drawing resources there is this great wesbite called drawspace ... It teaches you everything from the ground up ... they even teach you what materials to buy
  • Thanks for the tip @Zickar! I'll have to check that out.

  • Think I'll pick that book up actually. I think it would be useful to be better at it and it definitely wouldn't do me harm to move away from the computer screen a bit more.
    Might even be able to let on to the girlfriend that it's not work related and that I'm not constantly thinking about work, as she frequently tells me I am.... :p

    Have drawspace bookmarked but think I need to be away from the computer to do this stuff or I'll get drawn in to computer-based stuff again. Does look good though. I'd print it off if it wasn't such a massive amount of stuff

    Thanks for the info guys, I've managed to get away with not being able to draw even a little so far but now that I know you all do it I'll have to!
  • I only like to draw shapes. I suck at drawing people or anything that has to look real. @Zickar thanks for that link!  Good stuff.
  • That's a great link @Zickar ! I'll buy some drawing sheets today just to practice that!

    I'm a terrible drawer myself, but I find it very helpful to do some quick sketches while designing logos or concepts for motion graphics. Of course I can't show them to anyone hahaha! I think it's much quicker to find a direction to follow on your designs while sketching then while moving layers around in photoshop or AE.
  • I have turned into a serial doodler in the last 6 months, any white surface near my computer gets randomly drawn on whilst I work.
  • I draw all the time.
  • I try to draw as much as i can. Every idea that pops in to my head i try to visualize with a quick sketch, before i start the digital previz.
  • Drawing is actually my weakest point.  I can sketch and doodle, but by no means is it anything I'd use for a final product.  You can ask @robmonstro but my skills are just enough to get an idea across.  I usually will ship out those jobs to people who can actually handle it and are far more proficient than I.

    Though, I know it is a skillset I need to work on and continue to develop beyond sketches.  In any regard, I think sketching is something everyone who does mograph or design work needs to do before jumping in.  A rough road map can save hours and hours on the back end. 
  • There's drawing and then there's drawing. I can doodle like no one's business, but in terms of formal perspective I know very little. I'd love to learn more about how to lay down angles in correct perspective, but with college courses and club projects it's difficult to put on the top of the priority list.
  • Love to draw but only recently trying to incorporate it into motion graphics work.  I've been obsessing over lots of Passion Pictures work on Gorillaz along with this old Amp project from 3LL, and I'd love to get my drawings moving soon. I've been spending some quality time in Flash as well as learning how to rig in After Effects and treat it almost like you would a 3D character model.

    Keeping a sketchbook with you all the time (or an iPad loaded up w Sketchbook Pro if you can afford it!) really helps a ton.
  • @oddernod thanks for reminding me about Flash - I mostly use it for development at the moment as I still can't stand the workflow for keyframing. When I get some downtime I think it's time to get back into it.
  • No problem Dan! Speaking of 3LL, I was looking at this project and was shocked to find they did most of the animation in Photoshop. Might be worth looking into if Flash seems a bit wonky.
  • @Oddernod I was surprised by that as well, when I saw it. Amazing what Photoshop and the Puppet tool are capable of.  I also love that ThreeLeggedLegs shows process work like that.
  • Between the tons of scans of working drawings to all the photos of the studio and mograph artists working on each project, the place looks mega-fun to work at. And the final product is always tops.  I really appreciate the extensive breakdowns.
  • As do I... I enjoy my freelance, but I wouldn't mind working a studio gig for them. Really seems like a great team/environment. 

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