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  • Seeing as we're still in a limited beta, thought I'd stick my neck out and post my reel here.

    I think a few of you guys have already left some comments on the locked vimeo page; so I'd be interested in getting some feedback from people I don't know quite so well.

    Anyway - enough wittering. Here's the reel.

    Thanks for looking!
  • I felt it cut down to half the size , a max of 40 secs . mainly because you didn't put a lot of your work in it . It didn't really kick in for me , the edit was very slow and most of the time the logo would animate in and then just sit there for a second or two . this is what I really didn't like about it .
  • I liked it, I did feel that some of the cuts could have been a little faster in places but not as strongly as Zickar.. in terms of the content of the reel I thought it was good. I particularly like the Coach and the 3D cup (banding issues on that, assume that's just the mp4 compression though), both looking really nice. I think that the "Embedding Functional Skills" bit 3d isn't as good as a lot of the rest, the way the text pops up is quite rigid or something, maybe that was intentional but I think even a little bit of easing would have helped..
    There wasn't as much 2D stuff as in most one man reels that I've seen, do you not find yourself doing as much or do you just prefer showing off the 3D?

    Anyway, can't be properly critical without being criticised I suppose, here's mine:
    Edit* Worked out how to embed

    Far from happy with it but interested to see what you guys think..
  • thanks for the comments guys! editing isn't my strong point. Fortunately I have some more work to get on there, so I think I can cut more judiciously and make it flow better.

    James - Great reel, and worth a Like! I'm pretty jealous..

  • Dan, I'd second what was said here. The work is not bad, I just don't think the edit flows with the audio very well. I understand completely, as editing is not my strong suit either. I'll give ya a piece of advice one of my professors once told me "Every clip comes in and leaves too late, go in and shave 10-30 frames of each one and see where you end up"

    Like James said as well, not fair to critique without throwing yourself out there, so here's my reel: 

    Fire away!
  • Wow, that's a nice reel..
    Lots of really nice use of colour/lighting effects, really like the mic also. I think it's edited well, the only bit the seems a bit off to me is the stranger than fiction bit, seems to be of a slightly lower standard compared to the rest of your work so to me doesn't justify the screen time it gets..

    Great track too..
  • Just wondering, how long have you guys been in the business?

    I've been doing motion stuff for about 18 months full time, plus some (generally crap) bits in college

    Most people I see doing this stuff seem to be twenties or early thirties males..
  • @Rostenbach ... Nice reel , The pieces featured are solid but I felt some could have gone a second or two longer so we can understand it better ... The "Reese's" spot and the "Sunspot" one stood out for me . I suggest you drop the 2D pieces like the "Stranger than fiction" part for example . Overall it was good though :D Your 3D work is really clean . You should focus more on that

    a few weeks back I saw a reel for MK12 , we all know how big they are and although I didn't really like the edit I was surprised it was only 1 min long , that should tell you something about how long reels should be . They say 40 secs is a max if you are still new to the industry and as you have more to show you can expand it to a minute or 70-80 secs but I thinks its the maximum length of any showreel

    @dan_hin ... Sorry if I came out harsh mate :(
  • @zickar - no worries, that's the kind of thing I need to hear in order to get better. Thanks for your honesty!

    @rostenbach - great reel!
  • @jamesDohertyEsq Officially, about four years now if you count my first faltering steps with flash mx, director 2004 and encore 2... but really, around 2 and a half years properly. and I'm 30 in May, so you can stereotype me all you like ;)
  • Super appreciate the critique I've received thus far about my reel. Love the motion design community on twitter. Can't beat it as a resource to make you grow.  Anyway, here's my reel in its current state. Still needs some work but I figured I can post it and make adjustments as I go.  If I waited until I had time to finish it I would never post it.  Lemme know what you thing.  Thanks!

  • Rostenbach - Dude, your reel is outstanding!  Damn!  Inspiring to say the least.  Very fluid animation.  Love the colors.  

    James - Another amazing reel.  Great typography. Only comment I had was I thought the space chimp thing held a little too long but I'm nit-picking.  Great work.

    You guys are both doing some amazing work.  Thanks for the great design and animation!
  • Cheers for all the feedback.. 
    I think the intro and end need to be re-done really, they were a lash-together at the last minute for a job application, will do something a bit more adventurous next time.. Also yeah the edit needs to be tightened up, especially the space chimps bit alright..

    Ethan, Looks good, like the inky bit at 40-ish seconds and the Hush thing is nice too, simple but in a good way.. No one of us is as smart as all of us is cool too. The only thing i'd say is that the Hello Fashion bit, the hello itself looks familiar, is it based on a tutorial/preset or is it just co-incidence?
  • @dan_hin Cool, I remember playing with Director too, I distinctly remember hating it, think it put me off the whole thing really, went back towards web stuff then!
  • Thanks much for all the feedback on the reel! I know there are some pieces in there that slow it dow, and I need to work on my editing quite a bit. I released that one early this year, and I have some more recent work I'd like to include, so I'm thinking I'll update it later this year. Do some tweaking.

    To answer you, James, I finished up school in 2004-2005 year, (right around the financial collapse here in the US) and I had a bit of trouble finding a studio job. I ended up getting a job at Apple, while trying to find freelance work. After a while I had enough clients to support myself in the Chicago area, so I'd say officially, 4 years or so.

  • Rostenbach: Cool, When I left Uni it was much the same thing where I was (Ireland) with very little work so I moved to London where thankfully things were starting to pick up a little bit..
    I hope to at some point get to do a bit of travel and work in the U.S. visa dependent of course. Hear a lot about Chicago, New York and L.A.. Someday, eh?
  • @JamesDohertyEsq 

    Thanks for the feedback.  I honestly can't remember if that's from a tutorial or not.  I'll have to go back to the AE file and check.  It was the beginning of a fashion thing that fell through and never got finished.  Thanks again!
  • Hey guys. In the interest of keeping discussion threads to a manageable length, post any new reels to their own thread. Let's try to keep each one unique to a reel. It will be much easier for the original author to keep track of the feedback.

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