• Who of you will be bothering to splash the cash again and upgrade to CS5.5? Are the new features something that makes it an essential upgrade or will you wait for CS6?
    There is a breakdown of the new features here: http://blogs.adobe.com/toddkopriva/2011/04/after-effects-cs5-5-whats-new-and-changed.html
    There are some demo videos by the great Chris Meyer on CMG here http://provideocoalition.com/index.php/cmg_keyframes/story/after_effects_cs5.5/
  • Hmm.

    Not sure I need any of this TBH, most of our footage is handled on an Avid. Although the stabiliser looks cool, I'm sure there will be some gotchas with this upgrade. 

    We only installed CS5 2 months ago, this feels very much like a kick in the teeth.

    The improvements to AME might be worth having, but somehow I think I'll be able to soldier on until CS7 comes out.  What I really like is the subscription idea, perfect for scaling jobs. 

  • This is one of those situations where if the places I work upgrade, I will. But I'm guessing they won't.

    Thought, for only US$179 upgrade (AE only), it's really not that bad. The Warp Stabilizer and extra camera blur settings are worth that alone. I would just hope that project files are backwards compatible with CS5, but I'm guessing not.

    But a full suite upgrade at $549 is a bit steep for myself since I only upgraded to CS5 last October.
  • The price over here in the UK will be markedly more expensive, which is always the case and always a bummer.
    As far as backwards compatibility goes, apparently CS5.5 can save project files as CS5 compatible.
    The stereo 3d camera rig is also a useful new feature, and improved caching and memory usage is also welcome.

    @dan_hin the subscription idea seems to be aimed at those with much older versions, who would have to buy complete new packages. This in theory can be budgeted for in organisations easier and seem like less of a hit when they have to spend a lump on the newest software. For regular users, I reckon it would work out much more expensive than just upgrading every other version.
  • @dazpix I agree that subscription would be more costly than upgrades for regular seats, but the idea that a studio can bring in a freelancer and set them up with 5.5 for only the time they need too is great.

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