workflow disasters!
  • New post in draft stage, let me know what you think!
    Having a bit of a mare with the formatting on this - CSS/HTML are certainly not my strong suits..
  • Looks good, Dan, and definitely good tips there. I can attest to a few of them myself :P Actually I can kill two birds with one stone there.. drinking too much coffee and not paying attention as I try to work with source files over the network. Resulted in one of those Head and Desk meetings. 

    But I know a couple of you are aware of my corrupt project woes a week or two ago. Saving your project files often will only get you so far. Also make sure that if your programs have an auto-backup feature that it saves at least up to 2 recent copies, and more importantly, that it's turned on. =/

  • Hmmm.. 

    Just getting this:
    'No Results Found'
  • I came here to suggest exactly what Jordan did: Auto-Backup. It's a life saver.

    Article is quite good, and very helpful, Dan. These are things that every creative should be considering when starting and project, so if they aren't already, hopefully this will steer them that way.

    My number one issue is usually communication. And it can be from both sides, which is unfortunate. Just recently, I had a setback when the client decided to change their mind on output resolution. We had discussed it before, it was in writing, bu there we were. I had unfortunately only rendered at 720x480 (as requested), so this led to a lot of re-rendering, re-building, and re-comping.  Lesson learned: I'm building everything in hi-res, no matter what.
  • Yes, no matter if the client needs SD for now, 9 times out of 10, if they come back, they'll want it in HD the next time around.  I've been lucky in that i've ALWAYS built projects in HD, mostly out of habit, and found that it's the best thing to do especially because I don't think many producers out there quite understand that if you build a project in SD, there isn't a big shiny red button that converts it all to HD.

    Another thing I would stress is to when you have a phone conversation, always ask for them or send them a follow up e-mail that breaks down all the important points to have in writing every single thing that they asked for so it covers your ass when they ask for something and you can say "Uh, you never mentioned that".  Sometimes clients will try to get you to do extra work for free, especially when there is a set budget. Sometimes revisions and additions will force you to up the budget.
  • @rostenbach @eyedesyn @odd_enough ironically it was the fact that half the project was started in HD that was the issue! graphics that looked fine in HD did NOT render well to interlaced SD. Good job we only found out a day before the event.... 

    @jamesdohertyEsq I think you have to be a mod to look at drafts, I'll post it soon! then you can get the red pen out ;)
  • we rarely get anything done in HD around here , I myself started exploring the quality on personal projects but I think it will be some time before I actually start using HD

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