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  • One of the discussions that keeps recurring behind the scenes here at League HQ is that of blog categories. Here's the general thought behind our current blog category selection (note that not all of them have articles yet:
    1. Features - Full on, in-depth articles, more akin to a magazine article than a blog post.
    2. Tutorials - AE, C4D & other apps for sub-categories.
    3. Quickies - just quick posts, possibly some links, but mostly original shorter content not warranting a feature.
    4. Inspiration - Quick things/links to get you thinking.
    5. Resources - Tools/Plugins/Freebies/Stock/Etc… just things that make the motion designer's life easier.
    6. Showcase - Highlighted reels & work from the motion design community, especially the Unite forums.
    Trust me, we're working feverishly on adding to the blog. The thought is for the first three categories to be all original content, not just linking to other sites. The latter three would the reverse: mostly outward links. But we're wondering what you think the best organization for categories would be?
  • Features merits a category of its own but I think you can group Quickies and showcase in one because essentialy they will both be most likely video links of some sort because we are motion designers mainly . and I even think you can squeeze Inspiration into there as well so you'll have four categories . Features , Resources , Tutorials and Inspiration which will generally host links to other inspiring content or have priginal ideas , Basically its stuff to make you think and inspire you to do things but in a more quick way .

    If you want to go one step further you can even group the Tutorials and resources together under Resources

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