Music in Projects
  • My reel doesn't often see the light of day so I haven't bothered to obtain rights etc - but the official work reel at has a licensed track which we've paid for. I would have a word with the artist/management if you want to include a track you like - the prices are often surprisingly cheap.
  • @conigs @Rostenbach Hats off!!
    I agree if able make your own. Granted I used Killer Tracks... err I know I hate too but I shelled out for it. Creatives ultimately need to respect each others creations. Creative Karma ( I just copyrighted that BTW) is what its about. In this digital age where obtaining images and sound is a click at most doesn't mean it's yours. Ok if you don't have the $$, make it fruity loops, cakewalk, etc. It will be better and more personalized. Or hell colaberate with someone who can spin steel wheels. But be creative... Always.

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