Today I learned
  • I'm learning to say 'No' to jobs.  I haven't perfected the art but I'm working on it.  I always feel that I'm going to miss out unless I take on the proposed project.
  • It would be nice to have that option sometimes...But I'm on staff.
  • Today I learned how to more efficiently use the point cache tag in C4d (I used it alot before but now I'm smarter with it) ... life just got alot better haha
  • TIL the importance of Proxies in AE, when you accidentally save over the wrong PSD, and thus can't re-render. Saved me, it did!
  • I've not really used proxies very much in AE to be honest.. And not sure what you mean there, how did a proxy help you if you'd overwritten a PSD you needed?
  • Today I learned how to manually tile a non-tiling image in phosotshop. Yay!
  • @JamesDohertyEsq Well, I accidentally overwrote the PSD, so re rendering was out of the question, with the assets missing. Thankfully I had created a proxy of the comp (which was a BG) and I was able to drop the new elements on top of the already rendered proxy video.
  • how to batch export multiple images to one PDF document in Bridge, always used to do it directly in Photoshop before but that function has gone now.
  • thanks for the tip @dazpix! Bridge is seeming more and more useful to me with each CS revision.
  • Learned today when my system drive crashed that my backup routine is good (no data loss!) but not as good as it needs to be. Namely, I'm going to be buying a drive that I super-duper to regularly so I can instantly boot off of it and get running again. Killed half a day reinstalling programs.
  • Today I learnt about the mograph shader stuff.
    Knew it existed but had never used it before, really fast way to make a bit of variety, I used it to colour up a stack of tons of dvd cases by mixing it with a random noise pattern. Handy
  • Yeah I havent had a need for it a whole lot... but that shader (and Mograph, in general) is dead useful.
  • Yeah I actually use the Cloner loads, instead of instances in a lot of situations..
  • I learned about Headus UVLayout from @RynoMotion. It is an incredible tool for UV unwrapping and I see it becoming an integral part of my workflow. Plus, the bloating feature is just fun to watch on it's own. 
  • I shall have to look into that!

    Today I learned how finicky depth passes can be when being used for displacement with Trapcode Form. Using a 32bpc render will give you much more accurate results, and if you can afford to, use multiple passes of Form.
  • well there's just no way we'd be able to handle multiple instances of Form for most of the work we do here.. but that sounds like an interesting tip which I may have to test!
  • Well I had a couple smaller Form elements that just weren't cooperating with the big picture. (the majority looked fine, but small parts were wrong) So I ended up doing the small parts on a smaller Form layer.
  • that makes sense, much more manageable at lower res.
  • I learned an odd sort of workaround to get cameras to move/aim more cooperatively in C4D. Using an Align to Spline tag to get the path and movement of the camera down, I then set position key frames for the camera at the beginning, middle and end points of the spline. By then using an Align to Path tag on the camera, I can now get it to "look ahead". This way I can have it move along a specific path smoothly without getting to crazy with f-curves, and also maintain my PoI, without some of the issues that may arise when you set it as tangential.

    I'm sure this is not the best way to do this, just something I fiddled around with over the weekend, and it's been useful thus far. If anyone else has any thing else to add, or a better approach altogether, let me know!
  • Not so much today, but over the course of the last 2 weeks, I learned that interns are a pain in the ass.

    Especially ones who don't give a damn or actually put forth any effort. Bad attitudes are not conducive to productivity. Neither is the inability to think for yourself. Stop complaining for a week that the terrain texture tiles too much and ignoring my direction to use more than one material... I gave you directions on how to fix it! Doooo eeeet! 

    Forehead, meet Desk. =/

  • I feel your pain, I had an intern like that at a place a while back. My thought is "why do you want to be an intern here, if you're not going to give it your all, and try to impress?"

    C'est la vie.
  • Today I learned that using the Mograph Displace deformer on a couple levels of hypernurbs produces far superior results than sub-poly displacement. It sure can hike up those render times though.
  • Today I learned that the Render Queue in C4D r12 doesn't use the stage object for camera switching by default, but has to be selected manually. (Fortunately, it was a relatively short render.)
  • @rostenbach interesting - I use SPD with selection tags and keyframe it on and off to save rendertime.
  • conigs said: Today I learned that the Render Queue in C4D r12 doesn't use the stage object for camera switching by default, but has to be selected manually. (Fortunately, it was a relatively short render.)

    Care to elaborate ? Because I'm working with a stage object and I would like to know any shortcomings of this now

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