Blending modes..
  • I don't think C4D has blending modes. You could try tweaking your 'thinking particle-material' in order to get a close result. (or perhaps something better then you had in mind)
  • Yeah I'm aware of the in-material blending modes but was hoping for an overall one.. Guess I'll have to make do with the material I have. Thanks!
  • Is there any reason you're not doing this in AE?
  • Well it's just experimenting with thinking particles anyway but if I bring it into AE then I won't get the same effect off all the particles adding to the ones below it as it'll be just one piece of footage y'know?
  • Why not just render like 5 or 6 layers of particles? dupe the emitter and change the seed value. Then you have lots of control in AE over the final look.
  • I kinda got it working by adding transparency and pumping up the intensity to compensate but yeah I think that's probably a good idea to let me tweak it as much as I want.. cheers

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