Other software categories?
  • Hey fellow Motion Leaguers. As we get more and more users, we want to star expanding the categories. What other software categories would you want to see? I'm thinking we can compile a list and put up a poll. We don't want to include every software package under the sun, but if there's enough people here using Lightwave, 3D Studio Max, Maya, Motion, Flint, etc, we want to make sure you have a place to post.
  • Editing for Motion Graphics is an area where I know I'd definitely like to get better at.  Talk about different camera techniques, how to choose what type of shots go with what in sequences, Dutch Angles, wide angle shots, etc... that can be unknown to motion graphics people since most of us don't shoot video and know all the tools of the trade of just simple, tried and true editing techniques.
  • Along with the software that Paul mentioned (3DsMax, Motion, etc.), that's a great idea EJ! The actual cinematography of motion graphics is a large area that the designers don't often get heavily involved in. Learning how to think and direct in terms of shots is crucial anymore, especially with so many of us working with digital cams anyhow. This really would be of great help.

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