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  • Hi All,
       Does anyone use and Online Storage system for work..

     I've got a MacPro at my workplace, where I do all sorts of bits and bobs... If I wanna work from home.. I have to copy the files over to a removable hard drive, copy that to my Home PC laptop.. do the work.. then copy it back.. you get the drift... lots of copying and I inevitably leave off the odd file !!!

    So I was thinking off uploading Work folders to a cloud.. and accessing them.. but surely in our industry because of files sizes, (I do a lot of video work) is this practical ??  And would I be constricted by upload / download speeds..

    just wondering if anyone had any experience or advice..


  • Hey Alex, I did a blog post about this a while back...

    I use a combination of g-drive (e-sata connection) for very large files and dropbox for everything else. I LOVE dropbox.

    As far as upload speeds, I think we are all a little stuffed for now, although Virginmedia, my isp at present, has just allowed an increase in upload speed I believe.
  • I'm on and offsite quite a bit but still carry the rugged lacie. 1394b is still my flavor of choice until USB 3.0 pops off and esata isn't hot swapable. DROPBOX is nice for light jobs or moving project files, models etc. Maintaining a tight folder structure and naming convention is key. I think the future will definitely go in the direction of cloud storage. Either way redundancy will save your arse everytime.

    @dazpix off to read your blog.

    *NOTE: "arse" was used in observing St. Patty's Day. Have a good one!
  • I keep dropbox on my work and home computers in order to sync up projects so I can continue working on them where ever I may be. To reiterate the sentiments of @dazpix, I LOVE dropbox.

    Aside from that, I also use the storage my webhost provides to put up renders and snapshots, and for storing large files that drop box wouldn't handle well.

  • For reasonably trivial, non-video related work there's Dropbox.

    For everything else - projects, source video etc - there's a cheap 2TB usb3 drive. The first time I tried copying to one of those bad boys I nearly did a happy jig, they can get some excellent transfer speeds.
  • I've actually hesitated to get onboard with Online storage with project backup/transfers due to bandwidth restrictions.  For large media transfers, I rock Caldigit drives eSata and FW800 to bounce around when necessary.  For the most part you should be able to work directly off the drive with little concern in performance degradation.  I have not used usb3 but certainly am intrigued by it.  Obviously Thunderbolt seems pretty intense.. but it'll be even longer I imagine before it really picks up for non-Mac / older Mac systems.
  • Recently AVG got into the online storage business , they are offering 5GB for free users
    I Personally don't use it because connection still slow here with caps on the Download and upload ...
    I Carry around a 320 GB Portable in my jacket or laptop
  • I too, am a huge fan of Dropbox, but I also have an iDisk (that I rarely use). Dropbox is just too easy.
  • sugarsync rocks it guys, 5 gig free space also.
  • Just found this, looks interesting,It's a very powerful alternative to yousendit etc and it's direct peer to peer via a web interface so not limited by servers. Should be able to send up to 1GB files easily enough.
  • Very interesting. Trying it out now. Only wondering how secure it is.
  • @dazpix Just caught that, might be good for freelance but it's a no go for my work - p2p is a no-go (security). Still, sure I'll find a use for it. 
  • I've been using TeamViewer a lot lately in place of Remote Desktop in order for my home and work computers to communicate. But it also supports p2p file transfers in a very simple interface. Hmm, apparently there is Mac, Linux, Android and iPad/Phone support as well.

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