Vimeo or YouTube?
  • Choosing a video-centric site can be a daunting task for a site. Which site do you use and why? Weighing compatibility with our increasingly growing demand for mobile flexibility may slant the options.
  • Vimeo always struck me as if YouTube got kicked out of the house, sobered up and got a job. It's the civilized, responsible, and cleaner looking media viewer. It may not be as fast or as widely used as YouTube, but it does seem to be catered more towards our common content. 

    Length restrictions and bogus errors when trying to upload an h.264 mp4 on YouTube (which it should be able to without a problem) made me stop using it altogether. That and the ridiculous user comments ><

  • I'm a big fan of vimeo, recently bought a subscription even though I haven't updated my work for a while. I like the quality & am swayed by the user base (Vimeo feels like the right place to upload my reel while YouTube feels like where you'd upload a shot of someone getting kicked in the balls). 

    My plan is to upload most of my basic showcase work on vimeo (and I know they've got a mobile version that you can take advantage of) but also make my reel available via an MOV (h264?). I really appreciate being able to scrub back and forth through work so I figure that if it's important to me, it most likely is the same for others as well. 
  • "Vimeo always struck me as if YouTube got kicked out of the house". Haha. I am a huge fan of Vimeo. I think a large portion of my love comes from the type of content that is typically posted, along with the community. I feel that I can get a lt better feedback to a project, rather than it being on YouTube. It just feels more professional.

    Also, having the Vimeo desktop uploader, makes it a snap to upload, and add my videos to channels and groups.
  • I've been using Vimeo for a long long time.  Basically like everyone else is saying its just a more professional front.  I actually get turned off by companies (no matter how big) that host their videos on Youtube.  To me, either use your own embedded player or Vimeo.  Youtube it overwhelmed with crap content.  Have you ever tried to search for a video that you know exists?  You get so many random videos of nonsense no matter how obscure the title is.

    Vimeo Plus really helps with the mobility problem.  It'll automatically convert mobile versions of the video that can be loaded.  It works like a charm on my iPhone and I'd have to imagine that Android plays nicely with it.  There is one catch... I know Vimeo (as well as other sites) are technically "not to be used for commercials or selling of things" and there's some other random disclaimers of things we can't use it for.  I heard about a week ago that Vimeo may start cracking down on that.. so whether you're putting up full samples of work you did on a corporate job or if you're like GSG, you may not be able to use Vimeo to post videos about some new thing you're selling on your site.  I'm hoping its just a rumor and nothing more though.

    The other benefit to Vimeo is you can actually track your views.. where they're coming from; countries as well as URL links.  So it makes it easy to see where you're getting the most traffic from while also using a whitelist of acceptable URLs so no one can just steal your embed info and place it anywhere.
  • Actually that tracking info is on YouTube as well (location, linked/viewed from, etc), though Vimeo's content info is much MUCH prettier, and has a few things YouTube doesn't. 
  • Vimeo! I particularly love the fact that it tracks what you like and suggests great content based on what you and your contacts also like. 
  • Both... upload stuff everywhere possible lol!
  • Vimeo.  I think it's been settled that Vimeo is for more professional videos and Youtube is for your goofy people hurting themselves video upload site, and I hope it stays that way.

    Great community and the spam level is very low.
  • Yeah, I would say its unanimous. The community support truly seems to be the winner here creating a professional, more mature atmosphere and coupling with several unique features. Hey thanks for all the input and I am sincerely considering the Vimeo plus cost. I guess you have to pay to be excluded from Jackholes and spam.
  • As said above use both. Youtube is great for getting hits and a lot of traffic but the site and community are..ehhh. Vimeo is a great service to use for professionally displaying you work and with a plus account you can completely customize your embedded videos. 
  • I use Youtube for stuff I want to get views for .. Basically Tutorials and some reviews I do .
    Vimeo is where I like to hang out . I Personally am trying to stay as far away from google as possible and the reason its working with vimeo is because its actually pretty good and although they are growing they aren't doing much to screw it ... The unlimited length and the quality of what you see is really worth a lot and Vimeo is one of those places I would definetly subscribe to and get premium
  • Vimeo for industry-related stuff (dare I say it reels...) and youtube for clients. The vast majority of our clients have no awareness of Vimeo.
  • Just to hop back into this convo based on what was said by @Novus4d.  I realize this is a few weeks old but a similar topic was covered by our friend Brad Chmielewski.  It's just an interesting thought process behind the same stuff we're talking about here. 

    Basically utilize both when you're looking to get a good amount of eyes on your video.. for example, with trying to make a video go viral.  Can't say he's got a bad argument. 

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