CrashPlan - Adoption
  • I completed this a while ago, but would love to get some feedback on it. This is a feature video for CrashPlan's support site, so there's a lot of screen recording that needed to be wrapped in animation. It was one of my first attempts at this kind of animation. Thoughts?

  • Pretty good overall. I would have cut to closeups on some of those web interactions. ie, when "click on the change button" is said, you could cut to a closeup to that button for 2 seconds.

    Love the walking dude and the clouds - cool stuff. These explainer videos can be tough when it's just a bunch of web screen stuff.

    Years ago, when I did a bit of web design and Flash animation, my old boss, Jeff Myers, really knew how to show off this kinda stuff in a reel. His company is now This Is Red - check out how he shows of the sites in the reel:

    I learned a ton from Jeff about making seemingly simple stuff a bit cooler.

    Random note: is it possible to edit my account to change my username?

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