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  • I've been asked to quote a project that could be 45 minutes in length consisting of 3D elements that will be used in a projection for a conference. I'm not really sure how to quote this as I've only been doing some freelance on logos and much shorter animations. Any advice?


  • If it were me, it would all start with the time it would take me to finish the project, then adjusted for client requirements. Though I honestly don’t have much experience in long-form projects like that either. Hopefully someone else can chime in.

  • I've not done a long form like this either but Paul is right. Try to make an educated estimate about how long it will take.

    Possibly get more briefing from the client as well. Will each element be up on screen/projection for a minute each? Five minutes? What's the total number of elements needed and maybe break it down based on how long it will take to model / animate them. Building 45+ elements is way different than 15 barring they all share same complexity.

    When in doubt, you can throw the ball back into the client's court and find out what cost range fits their budget. Could explain that by understanding this you can deliver a better result that fits their needs, as well as make alternative suggestions to stay in that range. Maybe they have a $30k vision but only a $2k budget.

  • Thanks so much guys, I think I'll throw it back to them for now... they didn't give me much to go on... So maybe I can get then to break it down a bit more.

    I really appreciate the feedback!

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