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  • So we've got eight MoChats under our belt with the 9th tomorrow night. Just wanted to give everyone some insight as to why we started MoChat and why it's set up the way it is.

    A while back, I ran across PostChat. Being both an editor & motion designer, I followed the chats and participated where I could. It really got some legs and I saw how some of the big buys in the industry (Adobe, Avid, etc) were participating as well. I thought the motion design community could use something like this too. Eventually, I finally managed to set a day & time and get it going.

    There are a few reasons we use a hashtag format on Twitter

    • It creates a publicly visible, real-time discussion easily accessible on multiple platforms & devices.
    • There's not yet-another-service to join.
    • It allows companies who wish to participate easily with their exiting Twitter identities.
    • It's easily discoverable, since it all lives on Twitter and people run across the hashtag or is shared by participants.

    Obviously, there's a couple drawbacks to the hashtag format.

    • It can be a little difficult to follow sprawling conversations. (We're working on keeping more focussed discussions.)
    • Depending on the way the conversation is going, it can fill followers timelines.

    With that in mind, we're wondering how it's working for everyone? Are the topics useful to you? Has the format worked out alright? What would you change, if you could?

    If you have any suggestions, please try to be specific. And also realize we can't possibly cater to everyone.

  • Hi

    I really like #mochat and the conversations are really an interesting read. Being able to directly speak to the big guys and have everyone interact is the greatest thing about mochat for me.

    However, since I live in Germany, the mochat is at 3AM for me and when I'm working I can't participate, because I have to rest. So I'm restricted to reading the (GREAT!) transcriptions the day after.

    So if I could change anything I would try to make the live #mochat available for everyone at a reasonable time. I know this is hard to accomplish though and if you would put it 2-3 hours earlier some couldn't join because of work, which would reduce the participants from the biggest mochat fanbase (the US). It's a dilemma.

    Other than that I like the variety of topics and being able to contribute.

    Keep up the good work!

  • @DinoMFX Funny you should mention that. @dan_hin is actually going to be running a MoChatEU today at 10PM GMT. Looks like it will be on the same topic under the hashtag MoChatEU or EuroMoChat. I'm confirming the hashtag now.

  • I haven't had a whole lot of participation with #mochat yet, but I really like it, and find it to be a helpful resource. If I have a question about any of the topics already discussed, I fish through the discussions and usually find things that help me out. So overall it works great with how things currently are.

  • Are the transcripts useful in the way they're currently laid out? Is there anything we can do there to help with readability & following the conversation?

  • We've been hearing from some people that their tweets aren't showing up in the conversation or transcript. Has this happened to anyone? We really want to get to the bottom of this.

  • I love these MoChat's. Yes they zip by quickly, but I stay busy opening what appear to be important links into new tabs for researching later. As someone who is new to motion graphics, it is great to see how others respond to their own work and what tools they find important. If there is something I miss, you offer us those handy transcripts - thanks.

    As for subject matter, maybe you could poll followers as to what things they like most about motion graphics and which things they like the least and then feature a MoChat where people discuss their methods for dealing with those matters.

    Regarding participants: just as you feature the MoChat transcript, it might also be nice to have a list of participants. Maybe you could also note how often they participate, this would help me to isolate those motion graphic artists who are the most invested in sharing their knowledge. Then, I can choose who I might like to follow based upon their conversation and level of expertise, or curiosity.

  • conigs We've been hearing from some people that their tweets aren't showing up in the conversation or transcript. Has this happened to anyone? We really want to get to the bottom of this.

    Could this be due to not using TweetChat?

  • @conigs Thanks! Will check the EUMoChat out! Wonder if it will work though, since we don't know who will join it and if there will be the opportunity to speak with the same people like in the original #mochat, since that's what most of us seek. :)

  • @JWise At first I thought so, but I've heard from two peolpe (ITVteacher and drakecraytel) who have tweeted with the hashtag (confirmed), but didn't show up in a search for MoChat or in the TweetChat room.

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