Fashionably late?
  • Hi, I'm Ronn and Im and alcho.. .whoa.. sorry not that kind of hello? Heh I signed up back in July and never said Hello.

    I try to limit myself on forums, to counter balance the sheer amount of twittering I do.

    I'll simply say this, I love motion graphics. I'm self-taught in AE, when I started there were no forums or tutorials.. Just me starting at the stupid UI, I'm loving the amount of content and sharing out there, I've also been learning c4d for the last 2 1/2 yrs. I work a corporate video gig, I'm a generalist, ranging from AV set up, editing, motion graphics, directing, producing and photography as a hobby, unfortunately I cant share any of of that work. So I plan on doing more personal projects and sharing when I can. If you have questions, I'm always willing to help, even when I'm wrong cuz that's how I'll learn.

  • Hi Ronn!

    i might as well just hijack your thread and intro myself too. So as to avoid cluttering the forum.

    Im also an alco... graphic artist =) Self taught, barely any material on c4d when is started, had to use maya and max tutorials and painfully translate the techniques to c4d. good old time.

  • Hi, @vozzz! Welcome to the forums!

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