Hey, Super-Duper-Motion-Leaguers!
  • Aren't we all ;)
  • Hello All,

    I must thank conigs for my invite to this group. I know almost all of you from the motiongraphics twitterspere and that's how i got here.  Great minds here...

    About Me: I'm a broadcast television video editor/motion graphics artist during the day & freelance motion graphics/editing at night. I also teach video production and speak to high school classes on the subject. I'm thinking that's probably going to be the area i can help out in the most.

    I'm very interested to see where this goes. Feel free to contact me if there is anythinng I can help with.

    Again, Thank you for making me a part of this.


  • We're glad to have you here, Joe. I'm really looking forward to see what we can accomplish with the league.
  • Hey kids! Just checking out the new forum. Nice job EJ :)
    Any plans for an RSS feed?
  • daveglanz said: Hey kids! Just checking out the new forum. Nice job EJ :)
    Any plans for an RSS feed?

    Thanks buddy!  I think RSS is definitely an option once we get this sucker out of beta.
  • Hey dudes, throwing up a hand to wave hello to everyone. 

    It is very cool to see the site alive and kicking from when you all started off joking about mograph superhero leagues. cheers on that, great work!

    Glad there are some ideas to make this place not as "pro" as mograph.net. I love that place for that, so few forums have people that are actually really bad ass at what they do. However, as someone who got into design much later than most of the people there, I feel a bit out of place posting anything because I don't know what hell I'm talking about. Anyway, glad there are some like minded folks trying to make a place for bums like me.
  • Hello!
  • Hey @beau! Welcome to the forum!
  • Hola gents, 

    Thanks to @robmonstro for the invite, and thanks to the super team building ML, really stoked to be a part of it. I recognize a lot of you from Twitter, and I look forward to getting to know you guys more as well as learn from each other! 

    Totes Magotes.
    -Kaleb Coleman
  • daveglanz said: Hey kids! Just checking out the new forum. Nice job EJ :)
    Any plans for an RSS feed?

    @daveglanz Right now there are RSS feeds, but it might not always work since all the threads are locked off from public view. To get to the feeds, go to to the main categories page and you'll find feeds for each category.
  • Hey guys! Finally checking out the Beta. Feels silly saying hello to a community of people I already know most of via Twitter, but I look forward to being an active contributor to what I think is going to be a great new community.  Welcome to the other MotionLeaguers I don't already know!
  • Hey Copper!  Long time no tweet! :)  Welcome!
  • Love seeing everyone pop up in here! Welcome, and thanks so much for helping us out!
  • Ah good, I did a nice big thread saying hello and now realise everyone sufficed with a few brief words in here!

    I follow a fair few on twitter but haven't properly said hello before. Hello!
  • Hey James! Good to have you here. Yup, I read your other post as well, hope the new job offers more creative freedom. We'd also welcome any tips and write-ups you'd care to do for the site. :)
  • Hey James, welcome aboard! We're glad to have you here, hope you enjoy the community, and I'm sure you'll have much to add as well! 
  • Hey everybody!
  • Hello, hello! Thanks for joining us, good sir! Have a peek around, and most of all, make sure to give us some feedback, let us know how we're doing! Enjoy!
  • Sup guys!  glad to be among the ranks to help get this puppy off the ground..  let me know if you need anything of me.  i'll be checking the site out more thoroughly tonight and I'll be sure to post any issues I find or other ideas to make things great.

    Thanks to Rostenbach for the invite ;) and Conigs for the delayed response :)
  • Thanks for the invite EJ...Lookin forward to checking out the site!
  • Hi all!
    Pretty awesome site! Can't wait to read all the discussions. :)

    Enjoy your day!

  • drickles said: Thanks for the invite EJ...Lookin forward to checking out the site!

    No problem, david!

    Hey Dieter, glad to have you on the board! :)

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