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  •   Element 3D: First Impressions | The Motion League Element 3D: First Impressions | The Motion League

    Earlier this week, Video Copilot released their highly anticipated Element 3D plugin. I had a bit of time to play with the plugin since this week’s MoChat, and thought I would share my first impressions. This isn’t a full review or tutorial. I haven’t had enough time to invest into learning the plugin quite yet. Rather, I am just recording my initial thoughts while working through the interface. …

  • You brought up a question for me however. 
    "This doesn’t mean you’ll get animated objects, cameras, lighting, etc. You’ll just get a static object"
    So here is my question. can you work around that?
    I would say it all depends on whether E3D uses AE cameras and Lights or has its own internal one built in.. I dont know haven't gotten the plugin yet. if it uses AE cameras you could design your 3D model in c4d. save it. Then, using a duplicate file animate cameras and lights. (however the model would more than likely not be animated that's a given.) export the .aec file from C4D import the file in After Effects, then Import your c4d/obj file into Element. Thus having your element Object and Your animated c4d scene with cameras, lights, etc.. (did that make sense? It did in my mind.)
  • Element 3D uses composition cameras and lighting, just like Trapcode Form & Particular. So yes, you could animate lights & camera in C4D and bring those in through an AEC file.
    There are some workarounds to animating in Element, which Andrew goes over in one of the linked videos. Basically, it involves separating a model into the separate elements you'd want to animate, then brining them in individually, animating them within the groups. I didn't really explain that too thoroughly in the write-up.

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