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    Hopefully some of you out there know where I’m coming from.  You’ve been using Cinema 4D or whatever piece of software for years, and of course we all know it’s impossible to know EVERYTHING about the software.  But in our valiant effort to learn everything…we miss extremely useful nuggets along the way.  One such nugget…the F-Curve editor in Cinema 4D.

  • Sorry but I think the new f-curve feature gives you less precision. When you edit a curve you're editing the spatial interpolation and temporal interpolation of that object at the same time. And that makes no sense to me and seems very counter intuitive. Now maybe I'm missing something but I hate the fact that it makes it impossible for me to get precise velocity easing because every time I drag the damn tangent handles it starts messing with the physical interpolation of my path. I don't want to change the spatial aspect of my path I just want to change the velocity, that's it. And the new f-curves do not allow you to do that and I truly don't understand why. If there is a way you can explain to me how to use f-curves to where it will only affect the velocity then please let me know. But from what I've found online there is nothing you can do about this. The only thing you can do is use a time track which is not a great alternative.

  • @Littlezoppo The curve editor in C4D takes a bit of getting used to. If you were only animating along one dimension, what you want to do is very easy, but what you're describing sounds like you have movement along X,Y, and Z. So changing the handles on X, for example, changes where that value is in relation to the Y and Z curves, making unexpected movement.

    I think there's two solutions to your problem. The first is to use an Align to Spline tag. This will give you separate control over your motion path and the velocity your object is traveling.

    The second option is to use Motion Clips. This allows you to select a set of keyframes and turn them into a "clip" where you can separately adjust the timing, keeping all relationships the same.

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