R11 - Old xrefs
  • Not sure what the hell's going on here! 

    I have about 30 quite complex animations I'd like to use in my project. I do the animation (mainly plain/delay effectors + fracture objects) and attempt to xref the file into the main scene... the animation is absolutely all over the place. I can't really understand the point of xrefs if they render part of a scene unusable!

  • In case anyone was wondering the issue turned out that the 10s of effectors I was using didn't like being grouped/parented, either through an xref or a null. I had to experiment with different ways of tidying up the scene hierarchy, eventually the solution was:

    >fracture objects

    If you try to group everything at the same level it sends the effector calculations round the twist.

    Hope this helps someone!
  • Good to know, thanks!

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