Explode segments of object in R13
  • I have searched far and wide to try and figure this out, but to no avail. How do you explode the segments of an object so that you can animate the polygons individually?

  • Do you actually want to animate individual polygons or do you want mograph control over them?

    I'd use the ExplosionFX or Explode modifier on a poly object, then have them in a fracture object. Or use the "new" (post-R11) PolyFX mograph object.

    As per usual with mograph, I'd make sure you're prepared for horrendous lag with even medium density objects, the Fracture object in particular seems to love sending my PC back to 1997..
  • I want to animate a single polygon from a primitive object that I just made editable. This seems like a simple enough concept, not sure why this is so hard to figure out = (

    Were any of this things that you listed able to create singular keyframe control of one polygon from a editable primitive object?
  • Really appreciate the help by the way. Thanks = )
  • oh right, in that case I would [split] the selected polys so that the selected poly is a discrete object from the main primitive, then you can animate to your hearts content..

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