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  • Hey guys this is my first post here, I want to make this my home, seems like a great grass roots environment.

    So I recently got frustrated animating some large overlapping objects. In order to navigate I made my comp 4000x4000 and added a solid for a reference of my final comp size. 

    example below

    PRO: being able to see things that are not in the comp thus easier to navigate between assets

    CON: Correct me if I am wrong but im pretty sure this totally destroys render time and ram having to render such a large comp.

    How do you guys deal with having loads of assets in your scene and yet animating only through the comp window? Is there a better way? Do I just need to have a better story board? 

    I am pretty sure this "Problem" just means I simply need more experience animating, but I am hoping there is something I am missing.

    I got sucked into the interface world for a bit, but im trying to get back to the motion! 

    Motionographers Unite!

    Screen shot 2011-09-12 at 1.43.50 PM.png 352K
  • wow big brain fart.

    just use a new camera and zoom out wide... duh.

    oh well maybe this will spark some interesting conversation non the less.
  • Ryan, welcome!

    The multiple comp views (top/front/right/custom/camera/etc) are pretty important when working in 3D. But I see you were working on a 2D comp. Most of the time, I'm okay with just seeing layer outlines to know where everything is, but if you just need a reference, here's what I'd do:
    • Work in your normal comp size (SD/HD/Whatever), we'll call this "Main Comp".
    • Nest your main comp and turn on "Collapse Transformations". This new comp we'll call "Reference"
    • Scale down the main comp and you should see the other 2D layers outside the normal view.
    • Lock the comp view for reference open up your main comp. Now you should have two comp tabs open.
    • Drag the reference comp view somewhere in your layout next to your other views.
    That should give you a decent reference to see where everything is. But it doesn't update dynamically, only after you finish moving something or changing a parameter.
    Main-Reference-Layout.png 32K
  • Thanks for your help!

    This is great, seems really helpful, but still digesting it so I will have to get back to you. Still trying to figure out what exactly Collapse Transformations does.

    Ill be back when im up and running on this method.
  • I think storyboarding is essential. I use multiple comps (I try to break projects apart per "shot" as established in my storyboard... which tends to be based on what the camera is doing honestly), all of which are nested within my main or BUILD/RENDER comp. I'll also use multiple cameras within the same comp whenever needed (usually when I'd prefer a separate shot, but can't due to specific overlap / crucial timing / etc).

    Also, I've seen some animator's attach a cam_master null to the main camera which they use to animate, leaving the actual cam at 960,540 (or 0,0 or whatever is default/whatever you want). Then they can move around the scene with the actual cam when they want to track around and just reset it back to default values when done. Seems a bit odd to me... but hey, whatever works (and is comfortable for you).

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