WIP - Pyro GX
  • With how my previous works in progress have gone (or rather, NOT gone), I'm reticent to post this, but I'm hoping that if I do post it around, then it might help to remind me to work on it. *shrug*

    I mentioned on twitter some time ago that I wanted to completely redo the Descent 2 cinematic with updated VFX. Incredibly ambitious, But I figured why the hell not. It's one of those things that most likely won't be done by anyone else. So, I have to step up to the plate and hope I can deliver. My guess is that it'll be a couple years until I make any actionable headway, though. Working 60-100 hour weeks doesn't leave much time for personal projects.. or anything else!

    But I have gotten some work done on the ship at least. The main body is still only blocked out, but have gotten some other parts looking nicer. 


    Modeled with intent to be fully animated. Will make a high poly model, then build the lower poly with baked normals. Wish me luck! :P

  • Ambitious project, but it looks like you got a good start on the ship. Can't wait to see this as it progresses.
  • Cool. looks good. Ambitious, yes.. But that's the best way to be..

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