Motion League Challenges
  • I heard the idea 'single solid' again somewhere recently, I also remember an old discreet logic competition for flame users using only what was built into the system plus one frame of solid white. There were some amazing results, might be good to try that with AE with a 5 or 10sec limit on duration, or perhaps the software is irrelevant and the theme is something font based eg. everyone used the same font however they like in any app they like, but no other footage/source material allowed.
  • @dazpix The "single solid" idea was from me on Twitter. That will be one of the AE challenges for sure. I think it will go back and forth between platform-specific challenges and more abstract concepts. But there will for sure be a ceiling on the runtime of these. I'm also thinking maybe every two weeks we'll cycle out a new one? What do you think?
  • @conigs sounds good to me, maybe every 2 weeks is a tad overkill though?, I suppose it depends how much time peeps have and how much time is spent. Maybe a time limit could also be a challenge like layer tennis.
  • I love the idea of single solid... count me in.
  • @JamesDohertyEsq I think a one week challenge once a month is a good idea. It will also give us time to get good ideas for challenges. I think the first one will be an After Effects challenge. Probably in a week. (I just want time to create a couple examples since it's the first challenge.)
  • Cool, I'm (hopefully) on board anyway!

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