• Most of us are either full-time motion graphics employees or full-time freelancer artists so we don't have a lot of time but some competition might help us , we all have our weaknesses , we all have stuff we wished we do but didn't so how about some Motion design related challenges , 3D related to be specific . Modeling challenges ? Texturing Challenges ? Or my favorite lighting challenges . Everybody gets one scene and they have to set up the perfect lighting ... What do you think ? Scenes can be as simple as a ball and a floor
  • Sounds good.. schedule permitting of course..
  • ha, same here; I'm in but can't guarantee participation.
  • I would love to do this, but like everyone else, my free time is at a premium. 
  • In the same boat. Think it's a great idea... just lately haven't hardly had anytime for sleep even.
  • We all don't have a lot of spare time but when we do its good to have something to work on like this ... Let's get this scheduled then
  • Judging by the speed of our responses it will be a long time coming!
  • @JamesDohertyEsq Ha. Yeah, time seems to be an issue. We're getting some ideas together. I have one in the works for an AE challenge. 

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