Motion League reveal - WIP
  • I might as well christen this board with a rather lengthy project. Got the idea in my head and started to run with it, albeit progress will most likely be slow due to lack of free time and knowledge. I've never done what I'm attempting to do, so this will be a learning experience for me. I try to make a point of learning something new for each new project, and this one might take the cake.

    Basically, the gist of this is to create a beastly machine sprouting out from a lowly box, with the Motion League logo displayed at the top-most section. Aiming for 30-45 secs.


  • Absolutely love the idea, and the texture work is quite stellar! I cannot wait to see this thing in motion! Nice work, sir!
  • Render time scares me, but at least the advantage of Maxwell is that DoF and full scene motion blur doesn't add much more to the render times; It's just long renders no matter what :P

    As for the textures, I dunno if I can get away with cube mapping everything anymore. UV unwrapping though... *shivers* I've broken many desktop knick-knacks in frustration while trying to figure them out.

  • Yea... I dont really get along with UV mapping either... I was ok at it in 3ds Max... but havent dived into it too much in C4D
  • Count me in on UV-Mapping scaring the crap out of me. I tend to use camera mapping, then generate UV from that, at least for flat objects.

    Also, what about applying DoF & motion blur in post with Lens Care/Lens Blur & Reel Smart Motion Blur?
  • Lookks awesome, can't wait to see what you come up with!  Ive never done UV-mapping before, I'd really like to get into Bodypaint so I can have more freedom with adding some subtleties to textures, grunge, etc...
  • There is a way to do that in C4D without resorting to UV's. Layer stacking. You can get a grungy looking texture with an alpha mask (or what I've done in the past, find a texture off of, and create the grunge with a broken up alpha mask created procedurally) and just layer that on top of the base material. If you need particular placement, you can adjust the position of the selected layer with the texture axis tool.  
  • how would you go about exporting the UV maps and textures so you could bring it into photoshop, paint on it, and then import the texture back into C4D to fit to the model?
  • There is an option to export to mesh outline to psd in C4D (i think it's in the UV Edit or Bodypaint layouts). I have done that before. But my problem is getting the UV mesh to come out correctly. I seem to have major issues with seams not working. 

    Why doesn't everything just come out with PTEX support already =/ BodyPaint would rule with PTEX.


    All animation in scene except for the wheels and spinning teeth in the center are animated via xpresso and all tied to a single slider. 1 keyframe, as per my usual style :)

    You might notice the projection issue of the darker texture on the flaps. I have no idea why that's happening. The same thing shows up in the leg animation. That texture is set to cubic, it shouldn't be doing that. *shrug* 

  • That's looking really nice! I really dig on the texturing so far. The brushed metal has a certain 70s-era feel to it.
  • damn dude, youre the xpresso king, and definitely should head up the Xpresso lab we have on the site!
  • Dunno if I'd go THAT far. I know how to do a million things with range mappers, but haven't really dived into the more math-based baloney.
  • Alright, I'm gonna try to jump on this and actually be involved :p This is sick.. and would love to actually see your project unless your rocking R12. 
  • Yup. r12 all the way, sorry hehe. I do plan on releasing the project file when it's done, though.
  • This is the xpresso you see in the above animation. Very simple.


  • havent worked with range mappers yet, but I should get on it!
  • the animation's shaping up nicely and I dig your xpresso work - keep going!
  • Tried to fit some more in this weekend but was only able to xpresso-rig a portion of it:


    Designed as a support foot to help stabilize the lower machine section. 4 of them (attached with legs, obviously) extend from the hole in the box and open to rest in the 4 box flaps that flip out in the previous animation. Then the first machine section builds up from the hole.  

  • This really will be quite slick, when it's all together.
  • Had some time to think about the project this morning. I realized I was straying from my usual project prep. I was trying to think methodically about how to arrange it all, and overlooked music as the usual driving force of my projects. Doy. 

    I really want to use a Pretty Lights song, as they offer a lot of opportunity for mechanical shift/snap/lock movements, but I can't decide on which song. There's just too many that would work perfectly. Leaning toward either 'Future Blind' or 'Understand Me Now', though.

    This also means I'd ditch my current progress for something busier. Still start with the cube, but push out the sides, extend out as legs, push out the top, split apart in a quick movement to allow to build out the rest. Etc.. it's all in my head :P 

  • Congrats, you've now got me even more psyched to see this! The addition of music will really amp it up too! I'm also with you on Pretty Lights song, always fun to work with!

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