Logo Reel
  • I just completed a few logo animations for an upcoming documentary, and decided to then roll them into a logo animation reel... Why not? 

    Check it out and let me know what you think. The new ones are the first two in the reel (Armada and Spartacus). They're my first real ventures into playing with C4D... BTW, some of the CG was supplied by my clients (eg: Swarm logo, Barbie logo, Hothead logo).

  • Overall, I like it. A reel full of logo resolves can be tough to keep interesting, but I think you've got something going there. I love the Armada reveal, though the water could probably use more work. But we can all only do so much on our own. And for being one of your first "real ventures" in Cinema, I think it looks great.
    On a critical note, I noticed two things: the butterfly in the spartacus logo seemed out of place. Was that part of the original logo? Secondly, I would work on the Pulse resolve. Of all the resolves in the reel, that should be one of the best ones since it's completely under your own direction. The y-axis flip just seems lackluster after seeing the rest of the reel.

  • Thanks! Yeah, I think it came together pretty well. I like the Armada one too. I agree that the water needs some work, but the budget was not there for more and I didn't have the time to take it further. I agree that the butterfly is a bit odd, but that's what the client wanted. It doesn't appear in the print version of the logo. I'm sure it means something to her...
    Yeah, the Pulse reveal isn't as strong as I'd like to be. I was thinking of all sorts of things I could do with it, and I will make it better at some point. Again, it was a time issue. It occurred to me to do the reel a few days ago and I cranked through it pretty quickly, as I really didn't have the time to do the reel at all, but wanted to get something new up on my site. I was thinking "hmm... I'd like to do a new Pulse reveal, but if I do, the reel won't get up until who knows when". So, I did what I could with it. What can ya do. :) I'll likely use some newfound C4D learning to make a new one in the next little while. Thanks for the feedback!
  • Time and budgets are always an enemy. Regardless, though, I always think reels should only contain the final delivered product for a client, and not a tweaked version after the fact, no matter how much you'd like to do to it. It shows what can be done under the constraints of budget, time, and client input. So I'm glad to hear that's what you're doing. 
    Good luck on your C4D learning. I'm slowly picking it up, too. It can be daunting having to learn the whole package yourself when you know there's people out there specializing in just one single aspect of the program.
  • I agree that projects should generally just be as they were delivered for the most part... However, if there were some technical issues or something that "wasn't quite there" due to a gap in knowledge, I'd say that I wouldn't be averse to updating the project with a more ideal version. I just wouldn't re-make the project into something entirely different.

    Yeah, C4D has a lot to learn in it... I just needed a "real" project to work on to actually get the motivation to really dive into it, and to learn the specifics needed to get it done right.

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