OSX Lion?
  • I know it's a .0 release, and it's never good to update mid-project. But I'm wondering if anyone has installed it yet and has anything to say about stability or improvements relating to graphics. I was planning on installing it on my tower at home tonight, but with highs in the 90s and my home office not being air conditioned, I'm trying not to venture up there if I don't have to. (In the winter, we actually have the heat vent sealed off. The Mac Pro can kick out a lot of heat!)
  • I did go ahead with the upgrade on my machine, and honestly, I've not had any issues. I did make sure to read Adobe's release notes, and the Ars review first, though. I have noticed a small performance hit, but thats more likely due to me needing to upgrade some ram. Overall, I am pleased, some things I'm not used to, but it's not a massive change.
  • @conigs Yeah, that review was great. I'll have to check out more of them in the future. I've now got Lion on my MBP with no issues, other than a few pieces of software that I had to upgrade. That being said, I'm not really using the MBP for anything much at this point. I'll give it a few days/weeks and see how it goes. My Mac Pro OS X install is really screwed, so I'll be starting from scratch with a fresh HDD too. Just gotta move some data around first, as I'm already maxed out w 4 HDDs. Yeesh...

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