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  • Just curious, what do you guys think about crowdsourcing?

    I know that people in design generally dislike crowdsourcing but I don't mind it in some contexts.. I think using crowdSpring and the like allow people to get cheap logos (that are generally reflective of their cheapness) and allow people who maybe aren't ready to be hired professionally get a little experience. I know it may be slightly morally wrong in that most work goes unrewarded but hey, don't do it if you don't want to.. And yes, it probably results in people using logos that are a bit shit but really, if they're that clueless they would probably never pay the money to have it professionally designed anyway.

    In some ways I can see people's problem with Brett Ratner doing it, he's presumably a millionaire so it can be viewed as cheap.. 
    but the way I look at it is that I would like to do work like this in the future (unlikely to pop up in my day to day work), it's a brief to work to that will provide some feedback (I would hope) and if there's a tiny chance that it would get put in front of feature films then fantastic. 
    It's not as if I haven't made up work to add to my showreel in the past..


  • Can't say that I'm a fan of crowdsourcing... Sure, if someone wants to go ahead and do the project for some experience and for something to fill out their portfolio/reel, then they're welcome to. But overall, I think it cheapens the value of what we do, and 99.99% of the people working on the project go unpaid.

    Not sure why Ratner chose this route - I think that's quite strange. He certainly should have enough money to pay for the best companies out there to work on this. If he was showcasing all entries somewhere online (which would gain them some exposure through his name being attached to them), then I could maybe see that being more OK, but this just seems odd to me...
  • I think I remember Brett Ratner getting a lot of trashing on Twitter when that first surfaced. I considered sending him a message asking for him to direct, shoot, and edit a film for me. If I liked it, I would give him $20 for a DVD.

    In general, I can't say I'm a fan of crowd sourcing. I see it as taking advantage of people who are eager to get their foot in the door, and wish to do so to their own detriment. I personally won't put up my own time and money for advancing some one else's efforts (often with no guarantee the result would ever be used) unless I already have a relationship with them.

    It's similar to how I feel about the whole Doritos "Crash the Superbowl" thing. I know several people who spend thousands of dollars (sometimes tens of thousands) to do someone else's work. Doritos ends up getting to cherry pick spots they didn't pay for, and in the end spend much less money than they would have if they worked on their own campaign. I also feel a lot is lost if someone just asks for blind submissions. Without a conversation between the clients and the creatives, you end up with a sub-par result that will never fully connect with what or who the client is.

    I could go on and on, but crowdsourcing will continue as long as there are people who are willing to participate. Once I start losing work to project like this, then I might worry. But fortunately many people I work for/with value what a commissioned creative can bring to the table.
  • Yeah I think he gets a bit of a trashing on there quite a lot anyway!

    I totally get where you're coming from but I don't agree that doing it is to my 'detriment', in fact the opposite, it's a chance to do work that differs from my day to day work and that can only be a learning experience.. And again I know what you mean about advancing someone else's efforts but meh, I'd rather do something that was useful to somebody than something to be discarded, either way I get the learning experience and something for my reel so it's no odds to me. 
    I would like to do some titles for film but I don't have the contacts to be able to find out about projects to even pitch on. This provides an opportunity to do something a bit different and I acknowledge the extremely high probability that it won't be used for his logo.

    Hadn't heard of the 'Crash the Superbowl'... that does sound like another story, if people are potentially spending tens of thousands on it then that's a bit different.. I'm talking about giving up a weekend or a few evenings, nothing to that extreme! At the same time can't help but think that it's a gamble that people knew they were taking at the same time..

    And yeah I guess it devalues things a little.. but as you point out, anybody who is serious about commissioning creative work will know that this is not a path to be taken if they want the consistant and reliable results that the best creatives provide.. But I'm not one of the best creatives. Yet :p

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