Music For Designers
  • In an attempt to discover more artists that push my usual genre envelope, I'm curious to hear what you guys tend to listen to for inspiration or to keep your  creative juices flowing while you work. 

    My current playlist (the playlist tends to recycle through to different artists/genres every month or so) have been consisting of:
    Pretty Lights, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Blackfilm, Hecq, Ginormous, Justice, Baka Beyond, Final Fantasy(Owen Pallett), The Black Keys, The Heavy, KT Tunstall, and now recently have gotten back into Contemporary Noise Quintet and Nostalgia 77, and other high-energy jazz troupes. 

    Must have more music! MOAR!! 

  • As has been mentioned before on here we're not allowed to listen to music at work - but when I'm working on stuff at home I mostly go for something reasonably high-tempo. Generally most things on the Hospital Records label are great; there's enough variety there to keep me going for a while!
  • Late to this one, but my music tastes are really all over the map, and pretty eclectic, so it just depends on the mood. I do tend to rotate through phases, and currently I've been designing to: The Black Keys, Foo Fighters, Pretty Lights, Peter, Bjorn, & John, Two Door Cinema Club, and just snagged the new Theory of a Dead Man album. I also always have a soft spot for The Beatles or Hendrix.

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