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  • What say you?

    [edited by @conigs to embed image.]image
  • PS, is there a way to embed the image in the post?
  • In the toolbar where you write your comment/post there is a small greenish icon that allows you to embed an image via an url. Alternatively you could use html. 

    I'll reiterate what I said before. I liked the CMYK version, and the top right gray circle, though that was before I realized that it looked more like 'PL' than 'ML'. Though I do agree with Paul that a 2 color solution might look better. Except for the pink! Happens to be one of the reasons I sparingly visit mograph.net. The pink hurts my eyes from staring at it for too long a time. Not quite sure which color I'd prefer in place of it, though. 

  • I think pink can work as long as it's not the primary color of the site. In our case, most of the site would be white with the gray bar, gray text, and pink links. I just updated the main site with those colors, so check it out (you may have to refresh if the CSS page is cached.) 

    I like the layout of the CMYK version except the 4-color. But to me, CMYK is a call-back to print. If we stick to two colors with only the tail of the L in the secondary color, I don't think we'll get the mis-read of PL.

    I think there's something interesting going on with the very middle version, with the flipped tail of the L. I wonder what it would look like in two-colors without the overlapping, and maybe the middle shape's curves flipped? I'm having a really hard time describing what I mean. @eyedesyn, would you be able to post an AI or EPS of this that we might be able to tweak, too?

    These are looking great. Can't wait to get these up on the site and start laying everything out around them.

    [PS, did you know you can mention people in posts like you do on Twitter? Kinda neat.]
  • Alright, the way you have the pink on the wordpress site isn't too bad. I can deal with that. Also, embedding large images to a post needs to be amended with a resizer.
  • @odd_enough That's weird. When I first posted the image, it resized to fit in the post. Now it's all wonky. I'll have to double check what's going on there. I know it's using javascript, as it resized after page load.

    For now, I just added a style="width:100%" attribute to the image tag.
  • the top two do it for me, I like the dynamic feel of the logo and I also really like the design image it conjures up (reminds me of old and VERY GOOD club flyers designed by The Designers Republic for NYSushi in Sheffield).

    My only issue is that we could be associated with mograph.net by using pink as a main component of the colour palette.

  • I think Dan has a point about being associate with (or compared to) mograph.net with the pink. Maybe we try the blue instead? Or a red (and no yellow)? We'll probably just have to play and see what sticks.
  • I still can't get the 'PL' look out of my head when looking at the circle ones. Maybe that's just me.
  • Im loving the circle ones too, but really see the PL now. Perhaps the motif of the circle can stay, but maybe a different angle on the ML so it no longer looks like  P? I love the color schemes there, and really have no problem with the pink, but, as Dan pointed out, using pink as one of the main colors may not be the best idea.

    All in all, nice work EJ!
  • Here is the link for you guys to download and play with the logos I made:
  • Tried taking this in a similar direction, but more geometric. One main style with a few color variations.
  • Liking the middle and right columns. Maybe for the middle style, keep the stroke around the circle continuous and cut off the edges sticking out. Might look better for white on white situations. 
  • Nice. It's the centre bottom one for me - for some reason I'm dead against gradients on logos. I also think that the white one is easier to use with transparency if for some reason we want to use it across different media.
  • dan_hin said: I also think that the white one is easier to use with transparency if for some reason we want to use it across different media.

    I think whatever logo we go with could have multiple variations. For example, in the designs I posted, anything using the base form (very top) would identify The Motion League. It's be shape & colors that matter most. In some settings it might have a gradient, in others, probably not. Look at something like UPS. On the website, the logo has gradients, bevels, shading, highlights. But on their trucks and uniforms, it's usually flat, but maintains the same colors.

    When I think about logos, I try to remember what one of my design instructors said. "A logo should be able to be photocopied 10 times and faxed back and forth another 10x and still resemble the original." Which is why I think basic shapes/iconography is the best way to go for logos, like what we're doing now.
  • Here's some modifications to the white logo.
    This bottom one I wanted to try as I really like getting that tail of the L more visible, since it is similar to a "Play" icon, indicating motion, but I think with this outline it almost calls too much attention to itself.
  • Yeah, I made the same association with the tail of the L. Would be better to see it, but the stroke does seem to make it a bit too pronounced.Hrm.. lower the stroke size to .5? Or something smaller than the primary outline of the circle.
  • Good point. Here's one with a smaller outline. (And bigger.)


    And black, just to see…

  • Yep that's a little better. So my current choices are the darker blues for the right side column and the middle column (latest iteration). Leaning toward the middle. Seeing the above version with part of the M inside the circle, and part of the L out, gives it a bit more depth. So that's my call. Can't really think of much else to add to it.
  • Digging it!  I like the one you fleshed out the best, I would only add that maybe it would read better if it had the middle and right M block be solid grey as to help with the 3d effect of it.  not ramped like you have it in the previous versions
  • eyedesyn said: maybe it would read better if it had the middle and right M block be solid grey as to help with the 3d effect of it.

    I get what you're saying, but I think introducing a second color to only a portion of one of the letters might obscure the reading of ML. Those two shapes might read as separate elements entirely. But yeah, the gradient thing was a shot in the dark. Definitely not fond of that either.
  • I was talking to @eyedesyn about these. Decided to try a few more variations up against the favored ones from last time.

  • i like #1 the best.  what about you, paul?
  • I'm digging the idea of seeing the full ML form. I'm just not sure about the colors quite yet. It definitely reads differently in two colors.

    [Sidenote, apparently if you put a hashtag in a post, it auto-links to a search, like so: #xpresso ]
  • Maybe have the L piece the colored or grey piece, so then it reads 2 letters better?
  • image
    Interesting how it looks like a shadow. What does the peanut gallery have to say about these?

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