• I'm in a slightly different boat since I mostly work on broadcast commercials. Those are all over the map. Anywhere from one day to two weeks. Sometimes it's simple animation, other times it's a complicated modeling, compositing, and camera work. I guess what I'm trying to say is that in my world, there is no average budget. But I can tell you they're all getting smaller.
  • Interesting - and worrying. Do you guys get to work as part of a team and split workflow or do you generally have to do everything yourself?
  • I don't really have many mograph projects anymore. Some roto now and then, which normally only last 1-2 days, but most of my projects are month or multi-month long. My current project only has an arbitrary deadline O_o. And yes, I am doing everything by myself. Doing a job that should be done by a team of at least 2-3 other modelers. My work days are 10-12 hours long normally.
  • @dan_hin Mostly self-contained, one designer to a project doing both editing and graphics. On larger projects, it's split. It's just the necessity of the way the shop works. Clients come in expecting to work with one person. Though that changes when they bring in larger budget items and expect to see more people on the job.
  • @odd_enough @dan_hin A 10-12 hour day is pretty common here too, and usually 6 day weeks, but I don't mind, love it really and dont have to work for anyone else but me.....I think anyone expecting to do 8 hour days with a lunch break in motion graphics would be sorely disappointed and fall behind in the pecking order super quick unless they are some kind of genius who works at breakneck speeds with the same high quality results.
  • @Zickar If I am using freelancers I am more likely to use those who are willing to put a little extra effort in or get a render setup in time for an overnighter than someone who walks out the door bang on 6pm. Its an unfortunate truth in the way we all work longer hours than the previous generation, but staying alittle later to get something done can only be a good thing unless your employer takes you for granted.

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