Stereoscopic Projection Mapping
  • This week I was contact by a former employer, who informed me, that through his company he is getting ready to purchase some nice heavy duty projectors. Along with those, he's also picking up the necessary software to do some projection mapping. Apparently, Disney is revamping their fireworks show (yet again), and I may have a nice opportunity to be the visuals lead on a few sequences.

    There have been spectacular examples of this seen before, such as the Iron Man 2 promotion, and the more recent Hot Wheels race. I was just wondering if anyone has and experience with this, or any knowledge to impart. It's an entire new skill set for me, but the opportunity is too great not to learn it. I'm just curious what I should know going in, or if this will end up being a trial by fire process.

  • Leviathan just posted a page about their work on the Amon Tobin projection mapping. I know @thatguyerik on twitter worked on some of the composites. Maybe he could help?

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